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Bird Watching in Lion Country Reviews
What's the most scare commodity in the Forex jungle? My vote says it's an honest man selling something. I read this book and I believe I have found that scarce commodity. If you're newly fired up to the possibilities of forex this book will tell you truths you don't want to hear. I first read this book a year ago but I knew better. I knew I should educate myself on TA. I knew I needed to time entries better. I knew I needed to develop my own fine-tuned entry principles. I knew nothing. Now I'm going to immerse myself in Mr du Toit's methodology and trust an honest man.
- Reviewed by Sandpiper (United Kingdom) 9 July, 2009Visit Site
A great and practical guide for anyone wanting to learn more about trading Forex or perhaps pick up a few ideas or strategies you had not yet considered. Don't be afraid to give this book a go, you will be glad you did.
- Reviewed by Murrayhc (United Kingdom) 2 May, 2009Visit Site
Imagine living in a time before Columbus when you believed that the world was flat.

Now imagine being given the chance to go into space and see the world for the first time through another dimension.

Bird Watching in Lion Country is like such a spaceship - ahead of its time: A highly original work that will transport you to a place from where you can truly appreciate the nature of the forex markets.

It took me over 5 years of going through hundreds of books and websites on trading the financial markets, before I finally found, read, and began to understand the true value of this book.

Like they say, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"

- Reviewed by Bounty (Netherlands) 18 April, 2009Visit Site
What a refreshing view on forex. Finally, an honest look and one that does not preach but gives practical advice. Dirk does a great job explaining his system and intuitively it makes sense. I look forward to continuing reading his material and material he recommends.
- Reviewed by TK (USA) 23 February, 2009Visit Site
I am not impressed with this product at all. Most of this book consists of the author telling stories of his life as if he was at a cocktail party. Many of his requirements for placing a trade too vague to be actionable. The other problem is that he stresses the need for a mentor. Does this sound like advice worth paying for? Perhaps the primary purpose of this e book is to sell more e books.
- Reviewed by Carl (USA) 27 January, 2009Visit Site
"Bird watching in Lion Country" nice book to know about Forex Trading. The 4x1 method very simple and practical method of trading.
- Reviewed by Forex trading (USA) 6 December, 2008Visit Site
If you've started trading forex and are down more than $70 since you started, don't do another losing trade, buy this e-book instead. The discussion about the size of position you should be trading and the point about the fruitlessness of seeking order in intraday chaos is worth the cover price alone.
- Reviewed by socrates964 (Brazil) 20 November, 2008Visit Site
I had already swallowed all the baits of high gearing 'salesmen' with other stunts like stop losses,etc, before I encountered BWILC. In one day I doubled the $10,000 with which I started on my demo account. The next day I lost the profit plus my capital. Having read this e-book, I now know why I ended up in the belly of the lions. I am happy I read this book before launching into real trading. I hesitated a lot before paying for the e-book. Now, I know it is worth every penny spent on it. My profound thanks to Dr. Forex.
- Reviewed by Ebele (Nigeria) 28 September, 2008Visit Site
I have bought and studied about a dozen forex courses over the past two years and recently suffered a hard drive crash and lost the lot. I should have taken backups, but didn't, so fire me! In striving to be consistently profitable, BWILC is the ONLY COURSE where I requested the author to please resend me a copy, which he very kindly did. My thanks to you Dirk. None of the other courses come close and my lips are sealed, I'm obviously not going to tell you what they are!
- Reviewed by ali baba (South Africa) 19 September, 2008Visit Site
Hi Dirk
The book was amazing. The concepts are quite different. I tried the T/A route and was lost in the math of it all. Your method seems so much better. I tried it on my demo acct and in the past 2 wks. Have had nothing but success. Can not believe it. I can not even look at a chart without the median and quadrant lines on it. They make it such great reference points. Thanks again for the great info. Lots to learn yet, the digging has just begun. RAK
- Reviewed by RAK (Canada) 17 September, 2008Visit Site
WOW! Finally some honest information on the Forex!! Your book is awesome Dirk!! It's like a fascinating novel that you start reading and can't put down. I also appreciated your appraisal of the many "marketing guru's" who fit into the 90% loser category. It's totally refreshing to have found a book that makes sense and is without question the best Forex book on the market today. I am re-reading it already and plan to join your mentoring group in January. I can't thank you enough for sharing your hugely successful journey with us. All the best....John
- Reviewed by John (Canada) 1 August, 2008Visit Site
I would give this book more than 5 stars. It is beyond star ratings. It's in a class by itself. This book is phenomenal and written to the point. I would say that it was a privilege to have read this book about the forex market. It's like having a GPS of the maze of the forex market. You couldn't have chosen a more appropriate title for this book. I strongly recommend you read this book before going into the forex market. You will be greatly rewarded for purchasing this book. It will definately change your way of approaching the forex market. You will be very successful if you adhere to what is being taught.
- Reviewed by Chris (USA) 25 January, 2008Visit Site
Dear Dirk,
Absolutely great work on the Foreign Exchange. I review courses (about two per month as I can afford it), and Bird Watching created my first profitable week in the last several. The sections on lower gearing, and running in the opposite direction from the forex marketeers, is well worth its time as a great read. I look forward to working with these theories in the weeks to come. Way to go, Dirk - a real home run!
- Reviewed by Bill (USA) 17 January, 2008Visit Site
The e-book is very good and it is a new approach for me to see Forex and price action and it changed my thinking about many points of trading. It was a very enjoyable read and I will start implementing the strategies to my trading. I am still a beginner and read a lot - I think, this book is the chance for me to get a good start in Forex trading.
- Reviewed by Gabriele (Germany) 1 January, 2008Visit Site
After being involved with Forex for over a year now and learning many different strategies I am impressed with the methodology Dirk explains in this book. I have just started implementing the strategies so I will need to do another review later, but they ring true with all that I have learned so far about the Forex market.
- Reviewed by Mitch (USA) 17 November, 2007Visit Site
I bought BWILC about 12 months ago and after reading it decided to join Dirk's mentoring program. The book and Dirk's mentoring is second to none. The result? Over the last 10 months I have averaged approx 10% per month. If you want to trade Forex then BWILC is a must read, there is simply nothing out there that even comes close.
- Reviewed by Andrew (New Zealand) 20 September, 2007Visit Site
Two days of reading BWILC ... finished ! Could not believe how fool I was ... Market hit me like a running train ... I understand how to get on that train ... there are no shortcuts to crossing rails at "1:100 platform"


- Reviewed by Petr (Australia) 26 August, 2007Visit Site
I only found this website the other day, and it was only due to seeing Dirk on the Forum that made me stay. I then found this review section for his book and felt compelled to write something.

I have read Dirk's book at least 3 times from start to finish, not including times when I have referenced it, as I like to keep my reading to a select few and read them many times for full impact.

What struck me the most was Dirk's account of one great month he had during the Euro run in 2003 or maybe 2004. A month that anybody would be extremely proud of, but it wasn't the results he got, it was that this man was human, I could sense it in his words. He wasn't boasting, in fact you could almost sense that it was his most gruelling, but, most rewarding battle with the markets he had ever encountered. Just his reminiscing of this encounter for the sake of his book, you could feel the sweat on his palms.

You will get a lot more from his book than what I have just suggested, but if you've been trading a while, you will appreciate this book just for this section alone.

- Reviewed by Dean W (Australia) 25 July, 2007Visit Site
This really opened my eyes, especially to the beauty of trading multiple lots with the trend. Very interestingly written, a real page turner!
- Reviewed by Barry (USA) 23 July, 2007Visit Site
I have spent over a year now trying to learn how to trade futures and forex, searching endlessly for the "holy grail" trading system, and getting nowhere. This book has finally ripped my rose-colored glasses off and smashed them on the ground once and for all. If you want to be successful in FX then you need to read this book, period! Free at last, free at last, Lord almight free at last...that is how I feel now that I've read this book, and I can't wait to trade with the methodology. This book can really turn around a wannabe newbie trader's career...before it's too late.
- Reviewed by Gary (USA) 20 July, 2007Visit Site
As far as I am concerned, Bird Watching in Lion Country is a must read for any trader looking to be a successful trader, let alone earn a living from trading. Fact of the matter is, the vast majority of trading courses being sold are done so by marketers and not actual traders. I have over 5 years live Forex trading and there is very little I have not seen. I am actually being paid to research trading courses and I highly recommend purchasing BWILC. Dirk du Toit actually trades for a living and anyone wishing to learn should heed what he has to say. Dirk is not just some marketer selling a trading theory. He really helps one to understand how the market works and how to properly view it. I really wish I had this e-book when I first started out. It would have made things so much easier.
- Reviewed by Samuel (USA) 18 July, 2007Visit Site
This book is a must have, if you want to be among the 10% successful traders out there. A straight forward honest view of the forex market, defying conventional idealogies market makers sell to you regarding the forex market i.e. high leverage, tight stop loses, running your profit... It explains an excellent 4X1 strategy, which gives you an edge to be successful. I have not only read this book but have applied the strategies in this book in my trading and have been profitable in my trade. I am also going to subscribe to the author's mentorship program.
- Reviewed by David (UK) 17 July, 2007Visit Site
Best forex book I have ever read. The only real chance most people will ever get to be successful in forex. Tells it how it is and then some. If you are not successful yet, this book can change the way you think about the market.
- Reviewed by KYL INC (USA) 18 March, 2007Visit Site
Reading this book was like breathing pure oxygen in an environment so polluted with get-rich-now hoo ha that sometimes we can't find a real person with a real plan anywhere around. Dirk's honest, holistic approach didn't pull any punches. He let us know the hard facts and the hard psychology, but didn't leave us hanging. Without creating pie-in-the-sky, he laid out the rationale, based on tough years of experience, for his conservative, realistic (and finally one with an honest chance for enduring success) plan, step by step. I, for one, am deeply grateful.
- Reviewed by chjn710 (USA) 21 January, 2007Visit Site
Hello; my name is Matthew Arief from Indonesia I'm a retail forex trader once at PT. Milenium Penata Futures & other brokers in Indonesia; I just want to tell you for everybody my friend retail forex in Indonesia, this e-book is very very great & awesome becuse this book is provided like a "roadmap to success in Forex Retail Market", & this e-book is "a must be have" (Buku Wajib-Indonesian people called) for all the retail Forex especially in Indonesia when we now we must facing with a big Spread & a big commission in Indonesia (usually the spread starting by 5pips to 15pips + 5pips for the commission). & Thats why I tell you to all my freind Forex Trader in Indonesia, we must see & read this e-book very very carefully for our survival in LION COUNTRY at Indonesia. & one cent for all I want to say thank you to Mr. Dirk du Toit (a.k.a. Dr. Forex) who has write nicely magnificent for this e-book. Thank you so much Dr.Forex.
- Reviewed by Matthew Arief (Indonesia) 9 December, 2006Visit Site
I could have enjoyed this book regardless of my FX trading interest. If you are looking for quick formulated answers:THIS IS YOUR BOOK, precisely because you might be converted from your mentality. There is a refreshing honesty throughout where it is obvious that Dirk speaks both from experience and his hart: the true mark of a teacher. You might ask where am I now that I have red it. Well, I am about in page 50...yes, this is not the kind of book that you read and forget.

I am now in the Jungle bird watching in lion country. I have done away with my binoculars that did not allow me the broad view so I have a better chance to see both the birds and the lion nearby. Just in case though there is a safari jeep near-by with a big sign on it: Dr.Forex!

All in all, a must read!

- Reviewed by Nikos (Greece) 24 November, 2006Visit Site
This is well worth the money for anyone new to FOREX or traders that are not profitable. It will tell you why your pet system is not working and give you a workable way out of the hole. A full 240 odd pages puts other ebooks to shame that sell at 5 times the price with unworkable systems. I fully recommend this book with no reservations.
- Reviewed by Andyinkuwait (Kuwait) 4 November, 2006Visit Site
I enjoyed this book greatly. Direct, real information on the Forex markets and how to trade them. I will use the information to improve my trading. I would recommend any level of trader read this book.
- Reviewed by BlueSkye (USA) 2 November, 2006Visit Site
This is by far, the most practical, most useful forex book I ever read and I read a lot in my life. Now, the problem most newbies have lies in their search for the Holy Grail, which clearly doesn't exist, yet ppl spent a long time realizing this truth. This book actually shows how futile those searches are and guess what, IT GIVES YOU THE HOLY GRAIL!! How is that, it shows you that the grail lies in your true understanding of the market dynamics, not in some mindless indicator and this understanding alone can turn a loser into a winner. At least that is what happened to me. I did not turn into a successful trader right after reading the book. It takes some time digesting the material and seeing it at work in the market and only then you feel the "grail" inside you. In one word, if it does not do anything else for you, it will surely take off some hazy sunglasses from your eyes and let you see the forex world in its real color and will give you the real perpective. Until you know what's the right way to look at forex you will never know how wrong you were. I had been in the wrong realm spending 8-10 hours a day for more than a year with all the indicators, scripting and programming tools and deep analyses of the market; Only if I had read the book earlier, I could have saved my self thousands of hours of wasted time and labor. Do yourself this favor and don't share my sorrow. Buy it today if you are a newbie/unsuccessful/technical trader. No matter whether you find the grail or not, it will make you a different person altogether when you finish the book, that's my promise.
- Reviewed by Khurram (Bangladesh) 2 October, 2006Visit Site
A no nonsense book for both novice & pro traders in tackling FX market.
- Reviewed by al (Singapore) 26 September, 2006Visit Site
A worn out phrase..."I wished I had read this sooner" (Before I went into lion country ill-equiped). Reading BWILC, I felt there was no hype, no alterior motives. No matter what methods you use to trade read this book before you enter the market again. Dirk gives a new meaning to, "Be Prepared".
- Reviewed by Steve (USA) 6 September, 2006Visit Site
What an eyeopener to the realities of the FX market and the need to work hard on trusting my own discretion more than any mechanical system to succeed in this jungle. I wish I had read it before I opened a live account, but it's so good I read and re-read paragraphs like it's nourishment to my inner trader.

I never thought an e-book could ever belong with the classics, but this one is the real deal!

- Reviewed by JBL (USA) 17 August, 2006Visit Site
Well what a book. I was initially put off this by the strange name and thought "it's not for me", but I kept seeing favourable things written about it and decided to buy it.

Quite simply this book revolutionised my thinking about many areas of trading. The book is worth the price just for the information on stop losses and leverage let alone the excellent 4x1 strategy.

Thanks for making this e-book a reasonable price too, I may have missed out otherwise.

After reading the book you will wonder how anyone makes consistent profit from Forex without using these methods.


- Reviewed by Martin (UK) 17 August, 2006Visit Site
What can i say? If you are going to buy one e-book on how to survive in the forex jungle, you had better make sure it is this one my friends! If you want an honest appraisal of the fx and then instruction on the tools you will need to make a profit it is all here. Don't believe what you are told by market makers which is all geared to part you from your hard earned, listen to what this book has to say and give yourself a chance. I thought it was that good I have applied to be mentored by the good doctor!
- Reviewed by p hyde (UK) 9 August, 2006Visit Site
Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, in particular the risk management section and information related to this very important subject. I already trade for a living but this book is so informative that I will be coming back to it again and again. Jo
- Reviewed by Jo (Australia) 9 July, 2006Visit Site
"Bird watching in Lion Country" is a great read, I learnt a lot from is another way to understand the market. The book is very educational. I can recommend it!
- Reviewed by Daniel (Germany) 24 April, 2006Visit Site
Bird Watching in Lion Country certainly had some surprises for me, particularly in relation to stops. Being stopped out of so many trades that went good immediately after being stopped out was causing major frustration for me. I need to re-visit many of the Aha bits, but if it means anything I have had 4 out of 4 positive trades even before finishing the book. The summary chapter tells the real truth but has just made me more determined to succeed and stay in the 10% category.
- Reviewed by Mike (Australia) 22 March, 2006Visit Site
It was a very enjoyable read. The 4x1 method puts forward a very simple and practical method of trading. Topic of risk management opens up a whole new creative approach, one that defies the normal everyday accepted idealogies, very refreshing. As you stated risk management is 90% of the game. Using the Meridan grid gives an overall picture of the cyclic nature of the market, providing comfort areas for entering and exiting the market.
- Reviewed by Rolf (Germany) 22 March, 2006Visit Site
I usually don't like to talk about Internet ebooks about forex, most of them are just scams. If you are looking for one of the best ( and cheap ) books about forex you got to have this one. Even if you are too an active trader. This book is one that i intend to keep in my personal library. Yes is that good!
- Reviewed by Luis (USA) 17 March, 2006Visit Site
Excellent overview of what retail forex is all about. The strategy presented is a longterm view (position trading) with an interesting money/account management strategy. This is it... an account/money management strategy. While the ebook does not offer a magic trading system it will send anyone in the right direction to trade safely. You can actually apply your own trading rules and apply the money management strategy developped in the ebook. Overall very good and certainly the best ebook on forex out there.
- Reviewed by aigo (USA) 13 March, 2006Visit Site
I want to express my great satisfaction with Bird Watching in Lion Country.

I believe that Bird Watching is simply the best thing that could happen to ANY trader. I have been around for a few years, had my ups and had my downs, made some steps forward, some steps backward. I wish I had read this book first. It would have saved me a great deal of time and money. But now I have made a break-through in my trading.

In Part 1 of Bird Watching Dirk refers to the fact that every successful trader has some "AHA!" experience and then he expresses the hope that Bird Watching will contribute to the readers' AHA! experience. It certainly did for me and I am sure it will also do the same for many others.

"Bird Watching" opened my eyes to the importance of price action over a much broader timeframe than I had been viewing before. Suddenly I saw price in a context of time and a price range that gave me my first 'aha'. That was not all, price action immediately made more "sense" now that there was a "framework" built around it. I felt more in tune with the market because I could see the market in a context that I chose. Then came my next 'aha'. I realized that price was contained in the framework in such a way that I could look back and learn, and then look ahead with much more confidence in making my trades. I have become more confident in taking positions because I am focusing on the trend rather than an intra-day move.

I see my trades in a new, calming, light. When trades go my way, I can better see where they are headed and I know how to improve my position and then when and how to best take profits. When trades go against me I can see them in context of the larger picture which helps me decide what to do. I have also learned that a loss is only counted when I make it a loss. Patience and trust have turned negative pips into profits. I feel in control, that is the best part.


- Reviewed by Louis (USA) 22 January, 2006Visit Site
Normally I am rather sceptical when I read a rave review of a 'how to' book, written before the reviewer has had a chance to apply what he has learned. However, I must say that I find 'BWILC' refreshingly long on thought and short on bull ----. Had I read it prior to a two year involvement with Commodities it would certainly have saved me money. I plan to become involved in the mentor program, and in the fullness of time I will write a second review.
- Reviewed by Dave (Indonesia) 2 January, 2006Visit Site
When I purchased this book, I had already, through much trial and error and many many many many hours of studying, developed a pretty satisfactory trading system of my own, but I still lacked the confidence sometimes to enter, or to stay in. Dirk's book gave me the confidence by teaching me to draw a "median" which truly acts as a comfort zone while I trade and has greatly improved my confidence. He also shares some very sobering thoughts on the whole business of trading that every trader should be aware of. I will definitely place this book in my "most useful" pile and refer back to it at regular intervals.
- Reviewed by Marlene (USA) 25 October, 2005Visit Site
A book so enlightful you wont want to stop reading it, but you won't want it to end either. Great for traders with at least some experience in live FOREX Trading.
- Reviewed by NEXUM (Mexico) 20 July, 2005Visit Site
If you read Bird Watching In Lion Country (BWILC) before spending much time, effort and money on the many other so called systems and ways of making money in the forex market, then count yourself lucky that you may be able to avoid many of the traps awaiting the innocent newbie forex trader trying to make a profit from this amazingly exciting but for most, inevitably disappointing activity.

If, like me, you have already experienced the pain of tight stops getting hit more often than not, high leverage causing high losses, etc., then do yourself a favour and read this book before doing another trade.

Dirk has opened my eyes to a new way of approaching forex trading by exploding most of the myths propagated by those that profit the most from them i.e. the dealers that encourage us to; use tight stops; cut your losses and let your profits run; use high leverage etc.

This is the only book on forex trading that I have read from cover to cover in one sitting and then started again. You need to read it more than once to assimilate everything that Dirk has to offer. It's the top of my pile of must read books on trading.

Don't expect a fool proof system that can be mechanically traded to make 100 pips a day/week/month, it's not that kind of book but he does explain in quite some detail how he trades for a living using his 4 x 1 strategy within a median grid. For me it's been the best book on trading I've purchased, it's just incidental that's it's probably the cheapest as well.

After 3 years of unprofitable trading I now believe that the light I see at the end of the tunnel is not an approaching train.

- Reviewed by Roy (South Africa) 13 July, 2005Visit Site
Bird Watching in Lion Country really changed the way I approach the Forex marketplace. Before reading it I found it very difficult to trade with any consistency and found myself jumping from system to system. Dirk du Toit does a great job of explaining what the Forex market is all about, why it can be difficult for the retail trader to get ahead. He then goes on to explain his trading "edge" and why it is necessary for every trader to find their own edge. He even lays out his only trading method the 4 X 1 strategy.

I have read many books on trading and would place this among the best of them. This is a must read for anyone considering trading or investing in the Forex markets.

- Reviewed by William (USA) 12 July, 2005Visit Site
I read BWILC about a couple of months ago, and then entered in a mentorship program with its author, which of course is something one does only if he is convinced by what he has read. I read it after nine months following mechanical systems bought on the Internet - and of course reading through forums and all that stuff, and now I feel that BWILC was my first "genuine" approach to Forex.

Reading through the Internet one gets the misleading impression that the very short term technical approach to the market is the only approach available to the newbie retail FX trader. Nothing of the like! In BWILC one finds a refreshing new approach which I find to be a more professional and also more relaxed way to trade.

This book offers a view of the FX market which is different to the bulk's view, and also an honest, intelligent and professional one.

July 12, 2005.
Ramón Miras - Madrid, Spain.

- Reviewed by Ramon (Spain) 12 July, 2005Visit Site

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