Bird Watching in Lion Country - Retail Forex Trading Explained

2010 Updated and Revised Edition!

If you haven't heard of Bird Watching in Lion Country - Retail Forex Trading Explained, or you know about the book but are still considering whether to buy it, I can tell you that it is still my top seller, and with good reason. If you want to learn how to trade forex then this is the book.

Bird Watching was written by a trader who actually trades for a living. He has been there, done that. This is not second-hand experience. And it shows in the book. You can pay three times this amount for one third of the content.

Dirk du Toit has written a comprehensive e-book on all aspects of forex trading that can be used by novice and experienced traders alike.

It’s also practical. It shows you, step by step opportunities to trade, and what to avoid. Do you understand the difference between ‘market wizards’ and ‘marketing wizards’ – the people that make the money and the people that take the money? If not, you are probably in trouble. This book will tell you why you need to know the difference, and how to benefit from this knowledge.

"Bird Watching in Lion Country" has been sold in almost sixty countries - it is a book with global appeal.

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To make money in the forex markets you need to know and understand many things, but most of all you need to understand perspective. You need to understand how the big boys, the people who move this market, think and operate, and then do what they do. This book teaches you how.

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Bird Watching in Lion Country