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The Book on Forex Trading

In Forex trading as in business or in life you need a plan. In “The Book On Forex Trading” I reveal my Forex trading plan and two little- known methodologies I use successfully as my own personal ATM machine. I explain my own version of financial freedom and share with the reader how I feel that Forex trading is a life experience, an expression of your own personality. This needs to be understood before you can make money trading Forex. I also provide my proprietary indicators and templates to help ensure your success.
- Steve Margison

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FX Practical

"Financial Instrument Trading is not an act of gambling if you know exactly what you are doing, the risk you are taking and the potential benefits you can reap from every trade position. fxPractical is a manual to get you on the right track."
- Matthew J Williams

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Bird Watching in Lion Country - Retail Forex Trading Explained Bird Watching in Lion Country - Retail Forex Trading Explained

When I wrote BWILC I knew it would be great, revolutionary and eye popping. What I didn't expect in my wildest fantasies was that individual readers would compare it favourably with Reminiscences of a Stock Operator and Trading for a Living. Read more

- DrForex (Dirk du Toit)

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Conversations with Forex Market Masters Conversations with Forex Market Masters
by Dr. Darius Swierk

World-famous traders, teachers, authors and mentors including Joe Ross (over 50 years of market experience), Dr. Jeff Wilde (18 years of experience, teacher and mentor of thousands of traders worldwide), Don Steinitz, Phil Newton, Todd Judkins and five other forex market masters talk about the sources of their knowledge. Read it, follow it and watch your trading change! Read more

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Forex Profits Forex Profits

Forex Profits is a simple and straight forward mechanical strategy for trading the forex market using MACD and some clear rules for entering and exiting a trade. Written by Dr. Jeff Wilde, a trader with 15 years experience, Forex Profits could get you up and trading quickly in the forex market. Comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee. Read More

See also Ultimate Forex System by Jeff Wilde.

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