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Followers blame zulutrade when losing money, hey, u deserve that! Blame urself b4 others!

U see, most followers are stupid, never learned, never do home work, all they do is >>pump in money, follow top ranking SP, hoping beautiful future, that's ALL.****. Jan 2013, presence, see what happended to previous no.1 ranker denganyouqianle and previous top2: TradeGuru, ppl yelling at them at moment I see zulutrade webpage, for dragging thousand pips DD without stop, keep on adding position beyond promised.... These SP don't reply, no response, some don't speak English...p>U know how human ancestors survive? They speared fish at river, each spear they got fish, scared the others, swim away.... But after sometime, these fish forget, they came back to the place where many got speared, and human spear them again, repeating each day.....

Same to these followers, when SP doing good(even with no stop), they applaud :" wow, good SP, good job....blabla"

When SP ruining their account, they yell:"Bad SP, why u doing this? U making me lose money...blabla"

If luck still good, these bad trades survive and comeback with some profit, these pity followers applaud again : Nice, good job, I trust u" These happened day by day, so why these SP care? Why they need to response to followers?? U ever see a spearman response to fish in river?

- Reviewed by John Woo (Malaysia) 7 January, 2013Visit Site
These guys are improving all the time. The new website is a total blast, from my humble opinion of a user, of course.
I like the improved features done to make my account management ever easier - e.g. the zulu-guard and the time filter, and the lock-trades....and the suggested trader rotation (of course I get to approve at the end) - total time saver and even more automatic
- Reviewed by Fxfollower (India) 21 November, 2012Visit Site
I was looking at this zulutrade platform for quite some time but wasnt joining it until now that they've released the new version of their website , the update looks great with some very serious new feature that protects users account. For now everything works great and my traders are earning me money.
- Reviewed by vkern (Germany) 20 November, 2012Visit Site
One of the best trading platforms that actually MAKE money for you. I have tried and etoro, and currencee and collective2 and tradency and all I manage was to loose! true signal providers do get trickie from time to time and one should adjust to not get overexposed to risk (meaning keep low the margin call-o-meter) but the results are satisfying enough :)
- Reviewed by linafx (USA) 21 September, 2012Visit Site
I see a great potential in socially moved forex trading. Many state that no one can better trade than yourself, well i think there are wrong , there are many educated and good performing traders out there who could make stable profits in the long run , the good thing about this type of trading is that you the client will get the money while the trading will be done by a professional without your intervenion and without you loosing your time. Good points to Zulutrade and i want to see more companies stepping into this kind of business.

- Reviewed by unknown (Russia) 6 September, 2012Visit Site
I did made money through this site , they have some serious traders who respect their followers and trade with caution and responsibility. As far as they show that kind of professionalism i wont intend to withdraw my money from zulutrade.
- Reviewed by Hakim (Saudi Arabia) 1 September, 2012Visit Site
If not the best this is certainly one of the best money making online businesses available on the web. Already have won more than 2000$, gracias.
- Reviewed by Hugo (Spain) 27 August, 2012Visit Site
I always thought that forex was a boredom , but with this social platform i became addicted to it constantly searching for new providers to add to my account. There is always a money making opportunity in forex and my traders know this very well. Forex is officialy my new hobby.
- Reviewed by S.M. (Czech Republic) 24 August, 2012Visit Site
I like the ability to choose between many different traders and select those that are safe for my wallet , searching for the perfect provider may take some time but its definitely worth it.
- Reviewed by Tim (Germany) 22 August, 2012Visit Site
This is a very smart concept that resulted in making me win money from forex , i couldnt in any way do it by myself as i dont know how to trade , thankfully zulutrade traders do know their job very well.
- Reviewed by Marcelo (Spain) 22 August, 2012Visit Site
Followed the advice of my friend and regisered at zulutrade few months ago. The results? My money account have increased by nearly 600 $ , i love the site and the strategies it offers. Thank for the profits and keep going that way!
- Reviewed by alberto (Brazil) 21 August, 2012Visit Site
this is the worst site i ve ever seen in life. these signal providerss who are specialists in blowing accounts, making losses allover the trades. dont sweet talk about it.that forex cruise,,,,,,,,,,,that signal provider cleared my account and many of them being recommended by zulu. i hate their signal providers. just marketerers but not proffessional traders.
- Reviewed by vicent (Uganda) 14 June, 2012Visit Site
I've tried many signal providers out there, and none of them came close to zulutrade. I've never saw a site that offers that many different strategies and providers filled with endless statistics about each performance. If you want to try your luck by following other traders advice i suggest you look no further and start in zulutrade.

- Reviewed by Yerik (Israel) 30 May, 2012Visit Site
Hello, I find zulutrade very helpful and a well explained platform for beginners. I recommend all beginners who wish to learn about trading to start with zulutrade you will get a good knowledge on forex trading.
- Reviewed by angelnish (United Kingdom) 27 April, 2012Visit Site
Have found this platform by reading various forums on forex trading. It just what i needed , an automated trading done for me by people who know how do it right and turn my invesment into profit. It just crazy how sometimes you can make money without actually doing anything apart from choosing who will get this job done for you.
- Reviewed by Daniel (USA) 24 January, 2012Visit Site
It is very easy to get lost in the forex market , everything is very complicated , but this platform zulutrade is making things more simple. Your only task is to find and follow the best trading providers and leave the rest to them. Do this task well and you will get profit simple as that.
- Reviewed by Roni (Brazil) 18 January, 2012Visit Site
Trading on zulutrade is easy but without proper risk managment you can lose money. Fortunately this platform provides by my opinion the best options to minimaze all the risks you may encounter in your trading business. The developers listen to suggestions and regularly make updates with great new features which is a big plus for me.
- Reviewed by Kamal (India) 11 January, 2012Visit Site
IMO, this service is getting more and more professional - not that it has not been before like this, of course. I mean, new rules to the signal providers and their trading performance have been implemented that induce stricter trading behavior - monthly compensations only upon positive PnL, new PnL accounting and ranking algorithm. Additionally, new back-testing and other cool graph and stuff are added making using the platform much easier. Of course, signal can not be winning on a 100% basis, but at least overall they will be trading much more carefully.
- Reviewed by BigBfx (United Kingdom) 28 December, 2011Visit Site
Zulutrade is an easy way to trade forex if you know the platform well. I am using it for 6 months now and had some problems with rankings and providers; but with the improved algorithm and providers regulation to not get paid when they are on negative monthly pnl my portfolio is flourishing.
- Reviewed by Drew (Israel) 18 November, 2011Visit Site
Right said james, zulutrade are worst plateform for referal and signal provider they are the slowest system and no support system no phone contact payment process very very slow. i refered my friends to zulutrade and i place withdraw request before 20 days but still its not processed as festival are coming i need money but they are stick to their bad rules. Now i will not recommanded any one to zulutrade very bad experince with him.
Going to change broker and my all refered clients account very soon.

- Reviewed by Sachin (India) 14 October, 2011Visit Site
Zulutrade is constantly upgrading. Now they added live accounts to receive daily reports; providers are analyzed deeper with three new performance indications - weekly best/worst trade; ranking history chart and max open trades. Very useful and thorough info.
- Reviewed by Robyn (Ireland) 29 September, 2011Visit Site
What I like most is that I can trade forex without being stuck to my computer all the time. Great android app supports me everywhere.
- Reviewed by Joice (UK) 21 September, 2011Visit Site
Zulutrade is really an innovative platform, offering both to inexperienced and experienced traders-wanna-be an easy access to forex. I have tried the demo and auto-trading mode - both have suited me my urge to earn some extra cash with limited capital and limited losses. Great customer support as well!
- Reviewed by Georgi Michailov (USA) 17 September, 2011Visit Site
Hello all, I recently started using Zulutrade's demo in order to build confidence with the system, followed 4 top win% providers, along with pairs' differentiation strategy. So far testing is going better than expected, and I am planning on applying it life as well, once I straighten my strategy. Great automode option for newbies -you just sets the meter on how much you are willing to risk and then the lots got multiplied for you based on historical performance. Not bad, especially if you don't know much in this area...basically works everything for you - no need to think about any strategy or manual lot calculation.
- Reviewed by craigburton555 (USA) 10 September, 2011Visit Site
Look them up on FPA or google zulu. Never beleive demo or provider that does not risk their own cash (ah they say, we do because demo is let slippage)
- Reviewed by eriksen (Thailand) 2 September, 2011Visit Site
Have 2 accounts in Zulutrade cause I wanted to separate my capital and apply different management by adding different signal providers for each of them. I like the use of this platform, find it very easy and profitable. Recently they have added a new feature which automatically allocates the number of lots to providers taking under consideration the risk I would like to have.
- Reviewed by Maria (Russia) 2 August, 2011Visit Site
Zulutrade works good when settings are the appropriate for each account. Keep on mind that signal providers and followers don't have same equities. Better to trade with micro lots than dramatically decrease your equity with false settings.
- Reviewed by Caroli (USA) 30 June, 2011Visit Site
Very good signal service, the leader in the market! I like the latest changes, like the alchemy and the improved ranking, along with the advanced search.
They also added more broker so you have a wider choice.
There is also an iphone/ipad application available so you dont need to be in front of a PC all the time.
- Reviewed by Andy (Germany) 28 June, 2011Visit Site
Forex autotrading is not easier as manual forex. In fact I believe that when you let other people to trade your money you should at least know some basic from forex in order to review the trades in your account. The good thing is that there are some autotrading platforms like zulutrade which is free and userfriendly so the time you would spend to learn a forex platform in this case you can spend it to learn forex.

- Reviewed by Margi (United Kingdom) 23 June, 2011Visit Site
I like the way autotrading platforms are working. Automated execution of a Signal Provider's signal instead of a robot's signal. I use Zulutrade's platform cause found it more easy to use than other when I first started autotrading. I am still trading on this platform and recently changed to AAAFX in order not to pay any commission to the broker. Till now I don't get rich with forex but the profit I earn gives me an "extra breath". For the beginners is necessary first to check the systems in a zulu demo account, otherwise the have to make a pray for good luck.
- Reviewed by Natalia (Russia) 20 May, 2011Visit Site
Finally Zulutrade gave us a way to be protected from reckless trading and positions with no Stop. I set in advanced search MY CRITERIA and the system filters out and serves me only these Signal Providers who are covering this criteria. For me this means that they take forex seriously. Max DD in Pips, Worst Trade, Running weeks are in great importance for me.
- Reviewed by Jeremyfx (USA) 28 April, 2011Visit Site
Autotrading with Zulutrade's platform is a very enjoying experience. I-phone application of them helps me being always "updated".
- Reviewed by xara220 (USA) 31 March, 2011Visit Site
Zulutrade is the pioneer of automated signal services. I have been following them since 2009 and their progress has been outstanding! They continue to evolve making the right fixes where needed, see ranking and slippage charts and by adding reliable top-notch brokers (MIG, Varengold). There is still room for improvement, especially in provider performance, but they are in the right way. Im a loyal fan of zulu and will continue to support them! 5 stars from me!
- Reviewed by Luciano (Argentina) 24 January, 2011Visit Site
I find zulutrade good for both new and experienced forex traders. New traders can trade forex without the need to know much about forex. Experienced traders can become signal providers, share their signals and benefit from it.
- Reviewed by Thomas (France) 1 December, 2010Visit Site
When we talk about autotrading forex we talk about zulutrade! There is no better platform out there for this! They keep improving their service constantly. Very good presentation of charts/statistics/performance. Choose a broker smartly and you will have no slippage (check the chart!). Autotrading = zulutrade :)
- Reviewed by forexrussia (Russia) 9 September, 2010Visit Site
Started using zulutrade after recommendation from a friend. Was skeptical in the beginning, cause ive heard complains about slippage. But so far all is going good, did some testing to find a good provider. Highly recommended for those that dont have much time to trade on their own.

- Reviewed by aussietrader (Australia) 15 June, 2010Visit Site
Very satisfied so far! I ve decided to go live with zulutrade, but after some backtesting and demo testing various providers. They also seem to be improving a lot lately, as they changed their ranking system and added some nice features like the trade wall. Also do some research about what broker you will choose, as some charge extra for connecting you to zulu and also some have connection problems. Id choose between AAAFx, MIG, FXSolutions or CMS FX.
- Reviewed by Ernesto (Spain) 3 June, 2010Visit Site
I have a live account with zulu using FXSolutions as a broker. So far im very satisfied with their service, no disconnection problems so far.
I use the following criteria:

-Average pips/trade
-open orders
-max DD
-average time/trade

Since they changed their ranking system, its a bit more easy to distinguish the good signal providers
Also I first test everything on a demo, before putting it to my live.

- Reviewed by Paul (Netherlands) 16 April, 2010Visit Site
Hello, I use zulutrade as a standard customer but also as affiliate. Very satisfied so far. My micro account has a nice ROI, though i made much research and back-testing to find a good provider. Their ranking system is indeed improved and if they continue improving like this, zulutrade will become ideal for autotrading!
- Reviewed by forexcz (Czech Republic) 24 March, 2010Visit Site
I welcome all! For a long time I am engaged in investment and auto trading. There are scores on ZULU and all suits me. There are failure strategies, and is rather interesting. Now I watch for OnlyFx - rather impressively though, but recently trades. I wish all good luck in affairs.
- Reviewed by Slava (Czech Republic) 18 March, 2010Visit Site
I believe zulutrade has great potential, they seem to be improving constantly offering better services. Their ranking system seems to be improved, so the top providers are now more reliable. I have a micro account with zulu using ACM as a broker and so far its going good. But dont forget that forex trading is always a risky business.

- Reviewed by Andrew (United Kingdom) 11 March, 2010Visit Site
I have had a zulutrade account for some time now and so far im satisfied by the results. The thing is that you need to do some testing to your demo account before you put any signal provider to your live account. I DO NOT recommend you put ANY of the top 5 providers, as zulutrades ranking system needs much improvement and does not show scalping and open trade positions. I also suggest that you use custom stop settings. Thanks for reading.
- Reviewed by Mark (Germany) 3 March, 2010Visit Site
Zulutrade is indeed a great concept! The "catch" is to find the right signal provider! I also recommend to use custom limit/stop settings and do not allow many positions to open. Also first experiment with as many demo accounts as you can before opening a live one!
- Reviewed by NickL (USA) 12 February, 2010Visit Site
ZuluTrade is indeed a great concept. But honestly speaking they have a few problems to solve. The first and very important one is the way they present a maximum draw down on their website, its totally wrong and does not reflects the true maximum draw down. And another important thing is their rating of the providers. The rating is absolutely does not make any sense to me as a professional trader.
- Reviewed by JustTrader (USA) 12 October, 2009Visit Site
I was using Zulutrade service live with AVAFX account. I was using mini account, and at first I got very good results but I failed because I was using to high risk - I have traded using 2 signal providers allowing them to open 10 positions per signal provider..

I had slipped with one of the providers which lost about 55% of initial deposit, then I lowered my risk and gained back 30% and decided to move to FXCM micro account, because FXCM had better and faster execution.

But I had never funded FXCM account, really don't know why now..

Maybe it seemed a bit too high risk to underly to unknown trader, who has 3 months or less past performance.

Also, I noticed that the best results with low risk reward ratio has the new traders - they start with little initial amount of money and carefully trades to get better past performance. And with every trade they become more and more gready - they open the same position 3 or 4 times in a half of minute. So you must be ready to check the provider how much trades he generates within one little period. As my selected provider was opening 2 or 3 trades and later on he moved to open 4 to 5 positions and if they goes wrong - 3 or 4 more. If user does not limits the opened positions, he soon can come lost..

The best way to use this service - open micro account, select few providers who has even graph of pips, not sudden spikes, analyze how many trades they open within the same minute and limit opened positions to max 5 per provider. With such settings you may enjoy steady slow growth, otherwise you will repeat my fate (oh I wish I had read such info before I had traded).

- Reviewed by Ronald (Spain) 25 August, 2009Visit Site
I have been using zulutrade for over 2 months now and have had great success with it. The interface is easy to use and manage your signal providers. I would recommend it if you have extra money and want to see a nice return.


- Reviewed by bkl99 (USA) 16 January, 2009Visit Site
ZuluTrade is a great concept. There are now plenty of quality providers to give one a good chance to profit nicely. After an admittetdly rough start, I have now chosen from the many very good providers and have won 146 out of 150 trades over the last 3 weeks. :)
- Reviewed by glenngie (USA) 7 June, 2008Visit Site

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