ODL Securities Reviews
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ODL Securities Reviews

Note: Jan 15, 2009: U.S. division of ODL Securities sold to FXCM.

2009/10 ODL Securities Reviews

May 1, 2009 - Apr 30, 2010

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Traded with them for a while and they were good then suddenly they have becomse very bad....what happened??!! Had to go elsewhere for execution.
- Reviewed by fxbulltrader, September 18, 2009. Rating = 2/10
Extremely poor service. These people will not answer your questions, or acknowledge your requests without processing them, etc...They fall into the category of broker that only care about getting the (not so cheap) commissions. They actually even overcharged me and I had to negociate to get that fixed!!!

Left ODLS after less than 2 months.

- Reviewed by Franck, July 2, 2009. Rating = 1/10
Very poor service. They lied or their supporters do not know much about their services as when I asked them about simple things they always told me to ask someone else from their team or call them. And I became furious when they told me that they have no commissions for CFD transactions and when I opened a position and made some profit I was suprised that I am still negative. They take $30 to open a position and additional $30 to close it. THAT'S how they call it "NO COMMISSION"???? 60 bucks for 1 transaction! Can you imagine it??? I lost around $60 and they stopped to reply to my emails in which I asked them to explain their lies....
- Reviewed by timbecks777, May 28, 2009. Rating = 1/10

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2009/10 ODL Securities Ratings
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2008/09 ODL Securities Reviews

May 1, 2008 - Apr 30, 2009

Extremely disapointing and very poor service. The trading monitoring is totally inefficient and the administrators are smoking some funny things I believe.
When you fund the account, no one knows where your money is and you have to call a minimum of 3 to 4 times to talk to the whole treasury, back office, support ... and may be somebody accidently may push the right button.
- Reviewed by David, December 27, 2008. Rating = 2/10
Very difficult to open with them, request a lot of documents, its not easy at all, and boring also !
- Reviewed by ForeXPP, December 3, 2008. Rating = 2/10
Their U.K. and Japan office turned me down, but their U.S. office accepted me. Inconsistent, but the people in the U.S. seem reliable.
- Reviewed by Forexrater, October 9, 2008. Rating = 5/10

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2008/09 ODL Securities Ratings
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2007/08 ODL Securities Reviews

May 1, 2007 - Apr 30, 2008

Very fast, no waiting. Very professional but I wish they have the pda trading.
- Reviewed by sham, April 1, 2008. Rating = 9/10

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2007/08 ODL Securities Ratings
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