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North Finance Reviews

2008/09 North Finance Reviews

May 1, 2008 - Apr 30, 2009

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This is a fraud organisation and should be held accountable for all lost monies sent to their account. They lack any manner of professionalism and are simply out there to steal money.
- Reviewed by jenny55, June 23, 2008. Rating = 1/10

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2008/09 North Finance Ratings
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2007/08 North Finance Reviews

May 1, 2007 - Apr 30, 2008

Any body in this thread had experience with North Finance? Their service seems terrible. I had two occasions talking to their hotline, it seems they don't know what they are doing.

The first time was when I open my account with them, the issue was about the data download, I need historical data up to earliest time available, but, had no idea how to get it done. So, I made query, their service professional gave me very precise solution, that was to use the edit bottom in historical center to change the downloading period. But, pity, I believed in so, even though my gut told me that edit function is used only for editing existing data. Well, that's okay, I can find a workaround anyhow.

Today, I asked again their service team for the reason why the H4 bar didn't shift to the next as expected, coz I am trading on price action, if the bar didn't shift as expected, then in big trouble. It seems obvious they don't have the solution to that, and replied to me they won't deal with that issue if I keep that attitude! Woooo, what attitude they are talking about, I simply tell them this technical problem could mislead my decision making process, nothing else. But, they seemed upset for what ever I could not understand. Then, they suddenly shut down the chat session. When I re-log in, asked for the same to explain, then, this person hides himself, never show up again, left a blank screen in front of my laptop.

What a mess. I live in China, they got me an English speaking supervisor to deal my query. This supervisor is indeed very power having the organization enpowerment to turn his ass to their client. Really a professional team there!

- Reviewed by krue, April 10, 2008. Rating = 1/10
Good broker. Professional.
- Reviewed by Alex, April 6, 2008. Rating = 8/10
Could not recommend doing business with NorthFinance. Sent them money twice (EUR) and both times, their bank rejected the transfer with the comment "account holder North Finance Ltd. not known". Doesn't seem like a serious business.
- Reviewed by Schaema, March 8, 2008. Rating = 1/10
It is more than a year I trade with this broker. No complaint.
- Reviewed by Trian, January 22, 2008. Rating = 8/10
The best broker over 80 object for trade and really professional Broker.
Ali Reza
- Reviewed by alire, September 9, 2007. Rating = 10/10
Best broker but I'm still wonder why they not mention their main office address.
- Reviewed by Rizan, July 23, 2007. Rating = 8/10
Northfinance is the most innovative broker of forex company with via Mobile Trading of PDA and Smartphone. Hence I am looking forward for Debit Cards of Forex however not Credit Cards. As Credit Cards is very dangerous to use while if we have future transaction of losses.
- Reviewed by Berlin, July 7, 2007. Rating = 8/10

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2007/08 North Finance Ratings
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2006/07 North Finance Reviews

May 1, 2006 - Apr 30, 2007

I have experience trading with real account with this broker.

*GOOD*: Minimum for start open account $100, Offer leverage 1:1 until 1:500, Platform Metatrader 4 support EA, No minimum/maximum withdrawal, No Charge on withdrawal, Accept e-gold e-payment, online chat with customer support or skype, Spread Eur/Usd 2 pips, very fast funding and withdrawal specially use e-gold. I read in forex trader forum this broker reliable and many of them using this broker.

*PROBLEM*: Minimum contract size 0.1 lot they don't offer 0.01 lot but i think this is not serious problem actually. Not regulated yet by any government financial institution, but they are address based in Lymassol-Cyprus.

- Reviewed by mondros, April 15, 2007. Rating = 7/10
Guten Tag everyone! NF is one of the best broker, their conditions are great, dont stop hunt as much as others (BIG plus in their favor!), and lots of staff to trade..Definitely recommend them!
- Reviewed by FranZZ, March 6, 2007. Rating = 9/10
Very good broker so far. Thanks.
- Reviewed by TheN, February 19, 2007. Rating = 10/10
Good broker for start trading. I wont put there much money.
- Reviewed by N3XuS, February 19, 2007. Rating = 10/10
I use NF, for 1 full year. I have never had any problems. Their support is very nice, and withdrawals are done fast.
- Reviewed by kentstisfx, December 7, 2006. Rating = 10/10
Very good conditions, excellent customer support, and reliable.
- Reviewed by ki6ania, November 27, 2006. Rating = 10/10
This broker does not allow you to trade with stops or take profit orders that are less than 10 pips and sometimes even more. I typically go for 5-10 pip wins, so it makes it very difficult to use this broker.
- Reviewed by theTrader, November 11, 2006. Rating = 5/10
The best broker.
- Reviewed by Jekert, October 13, 2006. Rating = 10/10

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2006/07 North Finance Ratings
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