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MB Trading Reviews

2012/13 MB Trading Reviews

May 1, 2012 - Apr 30, 2013

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Frequent connectivity problems with their server; took 3 attempts over 4 weeks to find a tech support person who diagnosed the problem (others just gave me the standard answer/brush-off). More slippage than my other broker.
- Reviewed by Steve, March 26, 2013. Rating = 2/10
I have traded with them for more than 5 years. Recently, the Forex platform tends to freeze or log me out, for at least 10 minutes, a few seconds after a breakdown, breakout or near a major pivot point. Extremely frustrating!
- Reviewed by 2doc-writer, July 18, 2012. Rating = 3/10
I have just completed reading the first doz or so reviews on MBTrading and along with my own expieriences, I have decided not to perform initial funding on my new account. * The cust. service reviews are dead-on; arrogant, it's always my equipment, "call your ISP because "everything looks good on our end". I too have worked a career in the data tranmission industry and my equip. is always to blame, BullShit! I stopped calling their tech spt. feeling extreamly disscouraged and thinking "Do I really think that it will all change once I send in my initial funding". Wake up! (me), I will not fund the account and will try IBFX, they look good.
- Reviewed by Formitable, May 26, 2012. Rating = 1/10

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Current MB Trading Ratings
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2011/12 MB Trading Reviews

May 1, 2011 - Apr 30, 2012

good broker.
- Reviewed by fm, December 26, 2011. Rating = 7/10
Slow and poor customer service. Bad fills very often. Commission on both sides of trade negates so called low spread. Spread is never what they advertise, always higher and with commission on both sides of trade adn constant slippage, it is higher than any fixed spread brokers. MT4 platform is down A LOT and they just non-chelantly shrug it off. I have traded with them for a month using a mini account and have placed many trades just to track their performance and it is Not up to snuff. I will be leaving for someone else.
- Reviewed by DL, December 1, 2011. Rating = 1/10
I had bad experience with this broker. They dont execute stop loss orders in fast moving markets, 2 times filled my stop loss orders 100-150 pips beoynd!I had huge losses! Talked to their representative but it didn't help. I stopped trading with them, now I'm with IBFX, and it works good wor me so far.
- Reviewed by raul, November 17, 2011. Rating = 1/10
I have been trading for 2 years more or less every day, and allmost 1 year with MBT, My experience with this Broker has been very negative, live acount, very slow executions plus a tons of error messages from the MT4 platform, many times I could not exit my trades because the MT4 platform did not respond, they have all the bucket shop symptoms in the book! freezing platform is the worst,their support is very slow and arrogant, if you have something you need help with, don't expect any, instead you can expect it's allways your fault. and it's allways your computer of hardware that is faulty when it's not. I have a optic cable 100mbits up and down and I tend to keep my gear in order, so I know that just a load of bullshit!

Their liquidity is the worst I ever seen, they are definitly not a ECN, I will certanly not recommend these guys to any trader, they are absolutely impossible to scalp profitable, the only good thing about them is their low spread and they payback for limit orders, but that alone is not worth the rest of the crap from them, they are definitely trading against you on the microlots.

- Reviewed by dutchman, October 10, 2011. Rating = 1/10
In my experience, MB has been solid all around. Forex brokers are like lawyers or auto mechanics--everybody hates them! But once you find one you can trust, you feel a lot better. I use MB for all the types of trading I do, including forex, and they are a reputable firm, in my opinion.
- Reviewed by lpayton, July 22, 2011. Rating = 9/10
I have been trading securities for years and when I wanted to day trade I was unable because of brokerage limits on Day Trading, so I switched to the forex market. I started a demo account and traded it for about a week to get used to MetaTrader and the way that the brokerage works. Really, wouldn't you want to understand how something works before you started.
- Reviewed by Shane, July 13, 2011. Rating = 8/10
Very poor execution, and no I'm not a newbie and yes I understand how markets work; I've been trading for 4 years. Customer services reps are rude, arrogant, and unapologetic. I left another review at the FPA site, and this guy "Steve-MBT" writes these comments afterwards, trying to make me look like an inept newbie who doesn't understand forex. Nice try, but it didn't work.
- Reviewed by Bob, July 8, 2011. Rating = 1/10
I used to think that this broker was good but their customer support is completely incompetent. Beware, they look good on the surface but they have no idea what they're doing and they can't or won't try to help you if problems arise.
- Reviewed by Colt, June 28, 2011. No Rating.
Have a live account for both FX and Stocks/options. Not happy with service.
- Reviewed by Sandi, June 6, 2011. Rating = 8/10
Great broker for more experienced traders. I've used them for years now and they recently added the thing where they pay 1.95 per 100k for your limit orders, which has worked out well for me so far. I've had good experiences with their support when I've needed it and outside of a few technical hiccups, their execution is as good as it gets, in my opinion.
- Reviewed by kendo, May 25, 2011. Rating = 9/10

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2011/12 MB Trading Ratings
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2010/11 MB Trading Reviews

May 1, 2010 - Apr 30, 2011

MB Trading has always been my first choice in Forex trading. Technology is solid and reliable and their customer service is the best in the business. New 'Pay For Limits' rebate program has put over $1100 back in my pocket in just 2 weeks. No reason to trade Forex anywhere else.
- Reviewed by Fernando H, April 14, 2011. Rating = 10/10
WARNING! This broker just failed to execute my stoploss order.  Instead exited my trade -165 pips past my stop and 25 minutes later. I have chart to prove it and a simultaneous order from another broker that filled the order properly. It took them a week to respond after I called and emailed everyday.  Their excuse was their platform was shut down for rollover exactly 1 minute before price hit my stop.  But their chart shows the shutdown was 6 minutes after my stop should have been filled. They are dishonest.
- Reviewed by jefftheripper, March 24, 2011. Rating = 1/10
My experience with MB Trading has been positive. In my opinion, they have the tightest spreads along with low commissions. I always receive my withdrawals quickly and when I have needed assistance, customer service has been very helpful. No complaints during the 18 months that I have been a customer of MBT.
- Reviewed by W. Billsterson, March 3, 2011. Rating = 10/10
I have been with MBTrading for more than 4 years. I am somewhat satisfied with their response to problems. I got the check fast when I closed one of the two accounts.
After I tried FXCM (it's a no no for you who are new to it), I am happy with MB Trading.
- Reviewed by Lavender, February 21, 2011. Rating = 8/10
Commission and fee is a joke. My scalper did 100% better with other broker. Safe your self problem and get better broker. There are many website you can get forex brokers review.
- Reviewed by FXhunter, July 17, 2010. Rating = 5/10

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2010/11 MB Trading Ratings
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2009/10 MB Trading Reviews

May 1, 2009 - Apr 30, 2010

My experience with MB Trading has been fantastic.
- Reviewed by John, March 18, 2010. Rating = 3/10
Solid platform fills are fast with good customer support.
- Reviewed by Woody, February 20, 2010. Rating = 10/10
They are careful with my account info when they take my orders. Helpful when questions are asked. I swing trade, so the low commision is helpful. Phone will ring a few times more than I like before they pick up, otherwise, I would give them a ten instead of a 9.
- Reviewed by fisherman, December 9, 2009. Rating = 9/10
I used to like this broker. No more. Have detected suspicious activity. They keep charging and rearranging their platform which is uncomfortable. It took some getting used to to begin with. Small traders have a great disadvantage. STAY AWAY. They act like crooks. I have traded with them for over a year. I can't even get my demo to work any more. They freeze the platform during maintenance time for longer and longer times in recent times.
- Reviewed by faithwlk, December 8, 2009. Rating = 4/10
I like this broker, MBT, with its M4 platform, I give 8 is due to the fact that it charge a low commission and no spread, the spread is actually by the main market player. recent mths, I manage to pool about 40% profit form the market on my capital. as on the trading site, all is depent on the individual to make judgement on each trade, the platform is just a place for market makers and traders to make or to loss in its own judgement, therefore choose yourself on its broker the style and ability for u to utilise a trade strategy.

One rule, i guess is all the broker in US is the same. One person cant open a same trade in both direction, long and short. why the US rule is so stupic, compare the rest of the world, it should allow its player to place both direction. i am giving MBT a 8 point, as I believe no broket in this world can be 10, either. I am Daniel Tan, fr Penang. Wish all trader the best in its trading and talk to your broker on issue, so as the broker can make a point to correct or improve it. REMEMBER, when u are born, did your parent teach u, to walk, talk, run , eat, etc ... So to be the best is pooling of brains and working to the common goals of many. The bottom line is everybody is looking for a profit, right!

- Reviewed by danieltkb, November 6, 2009. Rating = 8/10
I do not believe that there is a broker in existence that has it's clients in their best interest, because they tend to make money off them in one way or another. Small deposit traders are put into in-house pools and not really traded on the real forex market. It would cost to much for them to take small deposits and allow them to be traded on the real forex market. So, small traders are churned till all money is gone. I have watched MB Trading for a while and have notice how they or some other entity has run stops obviously continuously till all funds are gone. It is better to deposit larger funds or only trade when volume is very high. When volume is high it make it impossible for brokers to manipulate your account without it being noticeable. That is why news trades are best and that is why some brokers want let you trade news or try to discourage you from doing so. Now, am I trying to say that BM trading is doing you that way? No! But I am saying that these are well known practices in this industry and I would not count them out. Take it from a X-Futures\Forex broker, who helped close down a brokerage firm. Something is fishy.
- Reviewed by Doug, August 6, 2009. Rating = 3/10
I have had mb trading for a while, and when I first started with them I thought they were ok, but the more I traded the worse they got. I would call or chat and ask a specific question and would always get a "SCENARIO" of what "MIGHT" happen. I am not interested in that baloney. they didnt used to have slippage but now the slippage is so bad they will enter you in a trade BEYOND the price the chart records. The price opened at 1.3410 for that minute and went up steadily to 1.3425 at which point I entered a trade going short counting on the retrace and figured I would get a quick 7 to 10 pips. they filled my order at 1.3408 2 pips BELOW the lowest price for that minute. If I had went long the order would have been filled at 1.3425 or higher. demo is pure junk doesn't work like the live platform.

I would say RUN as fast as you can from these shysters. I also noticed a lot of erroneous spikes that didn't used to occur when MB first bought out EFX. One thing you can count on is the order will be filled at the best price for MB Trading. They say they don't trade against you but I do not believe that anymore.

Also they told me the margin calls are automatic, but they aren't, they are manual, and if during one of these spikes your account goes into a margin call for a second, but then returns to the normal price, and their risk is no longer there, they will still close your positions at the price of the spike even if it is 5 minutes later.

If you ask then if they do that, they say NO, they do not, but when it happens, they say did your account reach margin call level?

The policy they wrote states they do margin calls to protect mb trading from risk, BUT if they wait 5 minutes after the spike, the risk is not there anymore, but that is irrelevant, they will close your positions at the spiked price, and they do it manually. If the margin calls are automatic, then there is no problem. But they close positions manually, and they can enter any price they like. WELCOME TO THE SLIPPAGE

WAKE UP, if they can close your position at any price they want to at any time, then they aren't a true ecn/stp as they claim to be.


Update 17/6/09:I am adding to my earlier post about MB Trading. After my review here I finally got a hold of the VP David Lipsette. He apologized and said he would reduce my commissions for one month because of the issues I was having. So I decided to stay.


They lowered my commissions for 30 days but wont let me trade. What good is that? Their policy states you must have a minimum account value of 100 dollars. I am teaching my wife the ins and outs of the platform and how to trade. My wife inadvertently pushed the wrong button and was caught on the wrong side of a trade. GBP/USD short.

The account value went below 100 dollars but then returned to over 100 dollars. My excess equity also exceeded 100 dollars. I tried to hedge the GBP/USD with and opposite trade in the EUR/USD long, but my order was rejected.

I called to find out why and was told by HUGO that I needed 100 dollars cash in my account.

This is a lie.

Yet one more lie told to the client by the customer service at MB Trading.

I told him I read on the website your account value needed to be 100 not the cash. Hugo then wanted me to go to the website and find the page and then call him back and tell him where it was.

I could not believe my ears. The customer service at MB Trading wanted me to train their people.

Clowns they are.

I called back this morning and was told my account value must be more than 100 but once I told them it was the excuse changed to the excess equity needed to be above 100.

Once I told them it was, then the excuse changed AGAIN, to

"you have an open trade so you can't enter another trade."

2 MORE LIES spewed by the customer service to get rid of me.

I then emailed David Lispette again and he didn't respond, instead I got a response from Brian Field who told me CURRENTLY your account value is below 100 dollars, and that's why you cannot open another position.


In my email I specified my account value "WAS" above 100, my excess equity "WAS" above 100, yet my order was rejected.

He thinks I need to know what my account value is after the GBP/USD has moved 100 points against me the day after the problem.


A Clown.

I want to address the spikes from my earlier post also, Who do think keeps the difference between the erroneous spiked price and the actual price once it returns to normal?


The fake 50 point spike--- then it returns to normal,--- then they stop you out at the elevated 50 point price and keep the difference.

I was also told by Mr Lipsette that when a spike occurs they "purge" the system, or in other words, CHANGE the prices.

If they tell you they don't touch the numbers, just ask yourself "How gullible am I?"

I also read the Barron's review of MB Trading and was astonished that they would claim the commissions are low, when in fact they are high. The average spread on the EUR/USD is about 1.5 pips, add that to the 1.4 pip commission = 2.9 pips you must overcome to make a profit. FXCM charges no commission and their average spread on the EUR/USD is less than 2 many times its less than one.

I do not believe Barron's review is an honest review at all.

In the review by Barron's it also states they have great customer service.

That's a down right lie there.

In my opinion something fishy is going on there.

All in ALL if you want to trade choose ANYONE but MB Trading.

I have contacted the CFTC and the NFA.

My review stands. RUN!!!!!!!!!!

- Reviewed by Reverend Ken, May 18, 2009. Rating = 1/10
The worst customer service I have ever seen. They disrespect you and really don't care about any issues you have. I would strongly not recommend them. The Worst ever brokers i have ever seen.
- Reviewed by brokerevaluator, May 14, 2009. Rating = 1/10
I had a limit order to buy 1 Lot NZD/USD early in the morning. My order was filled in the late afternoon. I was looking at the P/L and noticed that I had a small profit even though I had a 20 pip profit. I eventually closed the position because I thought I entered it incorrectly. I found out that I didn't. Out of the 100,000 trade, only 1,000 had been filled! This happened so many times that when it did, I would just close all the trades. It ruined my trading strategy because of having one position to work with and lock-in a profit, you have 2 OR MORE to adjust in a fast market. MB Trading & Mikchael Blosser, the meek Chief Trader & his simpleton workers, ie Hugo, will do whatever it takes to keep your money. Nothing positive to say about this company. **NOTE: The reviews that state how good they are are from salesmen/brokers from MBTrading. They are told to visit review websites and write how good the company is. They have a quarterly quota they have to maintain to keep their job. *BEWARE*

Reply from MB Trading: "If you are talking about a Live trade in a single account, there is no reason that this wouldn’t have been addressed, although we have no notes of such an incident. Meanwhile, you imply that our reps are paid to post positive reviews of our company on websites. We have about 70 reps, so even if they had to post 2 replies each per website per month, GoForex.net would have 140 posts with positive comments. Obviously, this is not the case. I have a better idea. Email justin@mbtrading.com with your account details and a description of the problems that you experienced in the Live environment, and Justin will address these concerns."

- Reviewed by Mikie, May 2, 2009. Rating = 1/10

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2009/10 MB Trading Ratings
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2008/09 MB Trading Reviews

May 1, 2008 - Apr 30, 2009

System goes down at specific times. If you don't close your platform and start back up, you can't close your trade. Michael Blosser is the manager. He does not know what he is doing. I had a market order and tried to close it. I did everything to close it but no luck. I called the desk and the rep said my situation was unique. He said he would help as my position was going against me. He came back and told me the status of ANOTHER completed trade! I said that I wanted to close with the profit. He said that I could close it with a loss with his help. IF they mess up your trade, their response is:"What do you want us to do?" I would say, give me my profit back. Blosser always shifts the blame to the internet connection to Al Gore and "global warming." Stay away from this outfit.
- Reviewed by ML, April 28, 2009. Rating = 3/10
Had high hopes for them. The spreads are low, but you pay based on volume, BUT you also pay on both ends of the transaction. Not cheaper than Oanda by my calculations. Clunky platform clearly not geared to fx trader.
- Reviewed by goonboy, January 29, 2009. Rating = 5/10
Where I trade now. Just excellent!
- Reviewed by Peter Bay, January 12, 2009. Rating = 10/10
This company is excellent. My fills are fast and software is simple (read someone else say not intuitive). I guess it may not be totally intuitive because it is windows based but if you know windows its simple. I use them for execution of my trades primarily and you cant get better for that. If you certain bells and whistles like news then you have to look elsewhere but for trading they are great. I give them two thumbs up.
- Reviewed by emtrade, October 10, 2008. Rating = 10/10
MB Trading is horrible!!! I don't know why anyone likes this broker. Their platform is horribly unintuitive. The only charting software they have is java applets which are so slow and anytime you switch between currencies you lose your data. They also charge both a spread and a commission!!! I've tried FXSolutions, FXCM, MB Trading, and Forex.com so far. FX Solutions has the best charting software I have ever seen. FXCM has the best news, education, and support of anyone. But MB Trading is crap. Their customer service is horrible as well. Anytime you call them expect to be on hold at least 10 minutes.
- Reviewed by classyguy83, October 7, 2008. Rating = 1/10
Software keeps crashing for me and is not very intuitive. I'm sure I'd get used to it but just doesn't feel user friendly.
- Reviewed by ideadirect, July 15, 2008. Rating = 4/10
It's a fair broker.~~ :)
- Reviewed by Frank, June 24, 2008. Rating = 10/10
I like the transparency of an ECN. Very good support. Low commissions.
- Reviewed by Glassman, May 7, 2008. Rating = 9/10
Commissions are deceivingly higher than it appears from their webpage. Over $15 total to buy and sell one lot of EURUSD. (price currently at 1.5531) Webpage says $5 commissions. That's in U.S. dollars, and that's per side of the transaction. You have to multiply the $5 by the exchange rate. I confirmed this information with them.
- Reviewed by joecgoodman, May 7, 2008. Rating = 5/10

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2008/09 MB Trading Ratings
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2007/08 MB Trading Reviews

May 1, 2007 - Apr 30, 2008

MBT are one of the best ECNs out there for low-capital traders. They allow trades down to micro lots, which helps traders with small margin accounts perform appropriate risk management (though most don't :/ ). They follow a true ECN model, where your limit order becomes the bid or ask, enabling you to make or at least avoid the spread. They don't manipulate prices at all... it's not in their best interest, as they only make money on interest. It is of course possible that their liquidity sources (the banks) manipulate prices to stop hunt or the like, but that will happen on any broker out there that uses bank feeds (essentially all of them).

One clear downside is their relatively expensive commission of $10 per 100,000 USD traded round-turn. In effect, that adds roughly a pip to the existing spread. Thus, a 1-pip spread becomes 2, or a 2-pip spread becomes 3. On the other hand, if the spread is 2, you could be earning 1 pip net if you make the spread (that is, you sell limit at the ask and buy limit at the bid). Thus, the spreads are generally kept low by arbitrageurs who are always in the market to make the spread.

In general, trade with limits and you'll receive essentially a 1-pip spread. Prices are volatile at news times, but in many cases the spread is lower than with other retail brokers. At times of high volatility, the spread can even become inverted, though this is very difficult to take advantage of without having your automated trading app hosted on their black box servers.

So to wrap up this review, MBT are generally a fair broker, and have no incentives to screw you over. It's in their best interest for you to grow your account, because then you'll start making larger trades and pay them more commission. You don't hurt their bottom line by winning - you only hurt other traders' (or banks') bottom lines. Thus, they'll be happy to help you (live support is good) as long as you keep trading.

Rereading my review, I left out one key downside to MBT: their interest spreads (their swaps) are terrible. On some pairs, you pay MBT interest no matter which position you take! Thus, they are horrible for carry or long-term traders. If you're counting on interest to improve your bottom line, go with somebody else. If you trade intraday, this shouldn't worry you...just get out before rollover!

- Reviewed by Alec, March 17, 2008. Rating = 7/10
I experienced an average of 7 pips slippage with MBT ECN on trades where I entered on Stop BUY/SELL and exit on profit target or stop loss. I traded for only 2 months and lost 104 pips due to slippage. HOLY SCMOLEY! Problem here is banks see all orders..I guess..but retail guys like us are totally blind. Anyway, I closed my account and have OANDA account and IFX Markets..both ok for me.
- Reviewed by ftraderx, May 26, 2007. Rating = 5/10
Best spreads that I've ever seen.
- Reviewed by hafnium, May 3, 2007. Rating = 9/10
Fast, reliable, simple commission with very low spreads.
- Reviewed by Ron, May 3, 2007. Rating = 10/10

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2007/08 MB Trading Ratings
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2006/07 MB Trading Reviews

May 1, 2006 - Apr 30, 2007

This is first time I trade with my mini account. I cancelled all "open order" first, then I found both two pending orders dispeared. Then I wait a while the AUD/USD start retrace. I close the "SHORT position", I tried 10 times and i couldn't close it untile 19:31:26PM. I called the help desk and they said maybe my computer disconnected from them. I cancelled all the pending order, but why they only cancelled one of them. If my computer was disconnected, It should not cancel any of my pending order.
- Reviewed by charles, November 9, 2006. Rating = 5/10

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2006/07 MB Trading Ratings
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