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Marketiva Reviews

2008/09 Marketiva Reviews

May 1, 2008 - Apr 30, 2009

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Current Ratings

They have a fraud trading price on me.
- Reviewed by Frank, June 24, 2008. Rating = 1/10

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2008/09 Marketiva Ratings
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2006/07 Marketiva Reviews

May 1, 2006 - Apr 30, 2007

Best Trading Software that I ever see and use. Light and fast execution.
- Reviewed by Thomas, November 19, 2006. Rating = 10/10
I've trade here for the last 10 months. I like the support. Very fast and can speak in my language. They have a lot language support. Funding and Withdrawing is very fast and the fee is reasonable.
- Reviewed by traderwannabe, November 17, 2006. Rating = 10/10
Claim to be from Switzerland but be aware it's not true. Investigate before you get in!!
- Reviewed by Sam, October 7, 2006. Rating = 1/10
Very bad support.
- Reviewed by jie, August 27, 2006. Rating = 1/10
OK charting, fast execution, stable; excellent support and service (deposit/withdraw)
- Reviewed by patapon, August 13, 2006. Rating = 10/10

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2006/07 Marketiva Ratings
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2005/06 Marketiva Reviews

May 1, 2005 - Apr 30, 2006

I like trading with Marketiva. No minimum deposit and u can trade as little as 1 cent. Also no overnight interest charged or paid in Marketiva! Good for long EUR/USD in long term. :)
Rating = 10/10 - March 23, 2006
Marketiva's slippage would make any personal injury lawyer wealthy. If you ever say anything remotely negative on their chat they silence you immediately. Their support seems to hide info about company owners etc. No transparency like Oanda. No trailing stops. IMO Marketiva is not a serious broker but a kids video game.
Rating = 3/10 - December 8, 2005
Their platform is excellent, no slippage, fast execution, simple, easy to navigate, there is no minimum deposit to start, given $5 to start trading, very good funding options.
Rating = 10/10 - September 15, 2005

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2005/06 Marketiva Ratings
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