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IH Forex Reviews

2012/13 IH Forex Reviews

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this is not a broker, this is a SCAM, this is a Bandit!!!!!!!!!!!! after making $24700 profit they disabled my trading account and took my my money. Be carefull, they are Bndits
- Reviewed by Krzysztof from Poland, December 23 2012. Rating = 1/10
IHForex is a scam broker who's only interest is in customer's deposit.
Once you have registered on their site, they call you 3-4 times per week to send them money and they promise you all sorts of absurd and unrealistic bonuses, even 100% of your deposit value, while other real brokers like Saxo Bank,Dukascopy,MIG Bank do not offer such bonuses and never will, its obvious why. After you made the deposit and you receive your bonus, you start to find out about all kind of weird and impossible conditions which refer to the bonus, like the need to trade 1000 lots or not being allowed to whitdraw any money for a year.

Immediately after sending your money, the problems start appearing : requotes,fake candles. If you try to whitdraw any money, they call you 10 times to convince you not to whitdraw them , because "good times will come in Forex and you will make imense profit".

If you actually decide to whitdraw them nevertheless, the processing of the whitdrawal request lasts one month and they dont even send you all the money you requested.

And there is no transfer proof or paper, even so, I have obtained one of these and on the transfer notice it wrote that I am a marketing agent of IHF, thus the reason for the transfer.

This means that IHF practices are fraud and tax evasion, because it puts the whitdrawals of the customers as company expenses, fact wich reduces the imposit of the firm.

To be more precise, I will give this example:
- The company has a profit of 10 000 $
- Actual expenses are 2000 $
- Net profit is 8000 $ (depending on the country in wich the firm is registered, it pays a up to 30% imposit on the 8000)

So they "hire" customers and put the transfer on the sake of company expenditures If the client whitdraws 10 000 $ they apply the "scam" I showed you.

It results in 12 000 $ company expenses compared to just 10 000 $ profit.So the company is loosing money, and they dont pay any imposit.

But the client, being hired by them, as written on the money transfer paper, if he is being catched by the fiscal authority in his country, he pays a penalty and big imposits, because he didnt declare that he has been hired.

So IHF should be avoided at all costs, they steal money from clients accounts, they offer absurd bonuses,they practice fraud,tax evasion and more importantly, they dont give money back to people.

- Reviewed by abbybrazer, September 5, 2012. Rating = 1/10
I made a withdrawal request from them in 10 june 2012 and today I still didnt got my money.My contact was Elena Presenti, the right hand of the owner of IHF, Nizar Elemi who get customer's money out of their accounts and use it in personal purposes.I tried to contact them to no avail, they dont respond to e-mails or phone calls, tried calling from different numbers but they still didnt respond. It seems that others have had problems with them as well, see here http://ihforexscam.wordpress.com There is lots of evidence there that they are real scammers and also manipulate their trading platform with fake candles and requotes and lag to make you loose money. Friends, in the future make sure to avoid these two names : Elena Presenti, who is a liar and steals money and scams with her boss, Nizar Elemi.This broker is also blacklisted on Swiss Financial Authority and forexpeacearmy, see that blog for the evidence. Take care.
- Reviewed by michaelsmitson, August 15, 2012. Rating = 1/10

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