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IFC Markets Reviews

2009/10 IFC Markets Reviews

May 1, 2009 - Apr 30, 2010

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IFC Markets is a forex broker, registered in tax haven Virgin Islands (but the way, I cannot find the registration in official list of registered companies in Virgin Islands). In such a company one can make only short-term trade and cannot trust one's money in a long term. Moreover this company DOESN'T stand under any of financial institute and give a mere words and a simple paper as a guarantee as if it would guarantee your money in this company.
- Reviewed by Lorence Chen, April 17, 2010. Rating = 2/10
This company is totally a SCAM, a bleeding bucket, you will not make profits at all, they will suck it back very soon in addition to your balance, rates behavior while being online differs than closing the interface then return some time later, prices are always 2-3 pips more than other brokers, prices are cheated until you open a nother broker trading interface, it will feel it and try to synchronize, Can't believe how the trade rates behavior goes, hundreds of pips up/down in few seconds until it reaches the call margin, then it goes back very fast to synchronize with the market place rates, there are blocks every where,specially when it is profitable for you, I mean you can't bye or sell until the profitable rate is turned the other way or normalized, bad customer service, you feel some of them is drunk or out of concentration, refunding is always late specially when you are trying to serve your account not to reach the margin call state or you are seeking good profits at a moment at which rates are changing fast, don't waste you time and money with this SCAM broker, I lost $1100+700 like being stolen buy a bad gun boy.
- Reviewed by yaghiib, July 16, 2009. Rating = 1/10

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2009/10 IFC Markets Ratings
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