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FXCM Micro Reviews

2012/13 FXCM Micro Reviews

May 1, 2012 - Apr 30, 2013

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Just can't believe how many times they spike up and hit my stop exactly and they snap back down.

Sometimes its kind of like a lizard sneaking up slowly and then suddenly shooting it's tongue out and touching my stop.

I like to play a little game when I see this happening and just when I think its going to hit my stop I cancel but the spike hits exactly where my my stop was before I removed it and then heads back down.

I also have Think or Swim and I noticed the numbers I get stopped out on at FXCM were not even reached on the TOS platform.

I really do believe they have programmed their platform to suck you dry.

- Reviewed by lou, June 11, 2012. Rating = 2/10

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Current FXCM Micro Ratings
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2011/12 FXCM Micro Reviews

May 1, 2011 - Apr 30, 2012

The biggest problem with FXCM that I know is that there is not a seperate account for their customers money. It is comingled with theie corporate account.

The no trading desk pitch is technically true, but there is all ways a trading desk in every transaction, otherwise there would be no trade. It is just not their desk.

- Reviewed by pipster, April 24, 2012. Rating = 8/10
Stop hunting, intentionally buggy platform, only email customer service for micro accounts. That last person that posted a review lies, 200 bucks opens you a micro account, there is no phone or live customer service with this account. the prices dont sync with other forex brokers. run 3 different demos and watch the mysterious spikes.
- Reviewed by Jim, December 23, 2011. Rating = 1/10
I keep reading a lot of rubbish about FXCM I have a live micro acount with them since allmost 1 year, and I never had a problem with them, support is first class, even if you just deposit 200 bux they treat you with the same respect as someone depositing 100000, I never had a single re-quote or ANY other messaged of platforms freezing up, never, nothing! they really apear to let you trade as you wan't even news, there is no stophunting or stuff like that, I keep reading people saying their stops was executed to soon, this is probably because they don't understand how to handle ask bid charts, you buy at the ask and sell at the bid! so if you have the bid chart up and you sold, ofcource it's going to look like you are getting stopped out to soon because you are stopped out at the ask price! if you sell you should base your stops on the ask chart and if you buy you should base it on the bid chart, my suggestion is to learn how to use your trading platform before you start to acuse FXCM for your own stupidity, trading isn't easy it takes years to master. I plan to use FXCM for a long time, I been trough many brokers and what I have seen I believe they are amongs the best out there.
- Reviewed by Chris, November 27, 2011. Rating = 10/10
FXCM is a good company, I havent been trading with them that long buy my experiences so far is grade A so far no requotes and what not.The best thing about fxcm is they have there own trading station for the people who want something other than mt4,and there platform is the best looking.Most reviews on this company are bad,and its a shame,it seems like the bigger the brookerage the more bad reviews they get.That is just becuase the big companys such as forex.com/fxcm attract a lot of NEW traders,they lose all there money on there behalf and blame the brooker.Bottom line go with FXCM...
- Reviewed by Sonny, October 6, 2011. Rating = 10/10

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2011/12 FXCM Micro Ratings
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2010/11 FXCM Micro Reviews

May 1, 2010 - Apr 30, 2011

It's HELL if you want to close the account with FXCM.
1. Their delay tactic gets 10/10.
2. All sorts of reasons to ask you to repeat the process of fund withdrawal
3. Make sure that you don't ever EVER change your address or e-mail address or telephone. Or else you can't get your money out.
I tried to do it online and I was told my password contains symbols (But I have no problem to assess the account)so it won't do.
I tried to change the password, and it wouldn't allow me.
I faxed the withdrawal form, FXCM never responded.
I then attached the form using e-mail, there wasn't any response either. (A month has passed.)
- Reviewed byLavender, February 21, 2011. Rating = 1/10
I take back everything bad I ever said or thought about FXCM if this trade keeps going my way:) I get mad and i call everone names. I dont know why after all these years FXCM cant get everything worked out right over there, so I think it comes down to money management. After being spiked out of trade, after trade, after trade I started using smaller lot size's. I dont make as much profit but I survive the spikes and flat times that always seem to happen right after I enter my trades (although rarely happen when I would trade demo accts). It always makes me go..Hmmmmm whats going on here with this platform? But whatever.
- Reviewed by greg123, November 30, 2010. Rating = 4/10
This is the worst broker I ever come across. I had a stop lost and a re entry setup at the same point after my stop lost was hit it went 20 pips below and my re entry was not activated they are (( ))you can add a word in the bracket for me. after i complain bitterly they write me saying  that the ask price was the reason it did not activate i will never trade FXCM micro. i have not open that platform since and i dont ever think i will
- Reviewed by upset, November 10, 2010. Rating = 1/10
Guys - please don't blame FXCM for all your own mistakes - i have started with fxcm micro - with 100 $ and i lost all and then i deposited 1000 $ more and now i have 2 $ balance in my account - i know that was my mistake - and i don't know to trade - i don't blame fxcm - because they are not showing the forex graph by their own - its comman graph for all company all over the world - they can't change - it you have doubt open a account in etoro or some thing else and compare the both graph is clear and correct. so here its proves us - we are making mistake  in the trade time. try to learn and trade - its not a game that you play online - its hard earn money. fully brain work.
i m thinking to put more 1000 $ and start the full time trade from the next week.
FXCM platform is the best working platform i have ever seen - but you guys are always mistaking the platform of FXCM - first you check your internet connection speed guys - because - you must have atleast 1 mbps rec and sent connection speed which help you to close the trade in the same pip you click to close.
because when you click - it have to reach their server and get the respond from their server to close then it close - so in this mean time - your online pip will come down or go up ... that is what happening to you all...
its online trade - remember - not off line ,,,
so be online with a good internet connection.
because - first i also had the same problem - then i have changed to fast internet package - now when i click that pip close in the same sec....

- Reviewed by VNS, August 3, 2010. Rating = 10/10
There wasn't any support for the Micro real accounts. They claimed so, but they wouldn't answer e-mails and forget the telephone. They only had time for the Standard account holders.

- Reviewed by Ed, July 29, 2010. Rating = 2/10
Got margin call after 4$ drawdown. my account is 25$. who would expect for them to just steal money like that. Best advice from me.. you have other options. Please read review of other brokers.
- Reviewed by FXhunter, July 17, 2010. Rating = 1/10
Never use this one if you work with MT4. Gonna lose your money. Scam!!!
- Reviewed by animassen, June 19, 2010. Rating = 1/10
Great broker, good spreads, good execution. Good closeout.
- Reviewed by DAVEDFOX, June 7, 2010. Rating = 9/10

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2010/11 FXCM Micro Ratings
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2009/10 FXCM Micro Reviews

May 1, 2009 - Apr 30, 2010

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I love Fxcm micro. They explicitly explain why the customer service is top notch for micro accounts. I manage my trades very well. I traded from $300 to $2150 in one month and then from $2150 to $12700 the following month. I don't have a problem with fxcm micro.
- Reviewed by nojob, April 18, 2010. Rating = 8/10
I cannot believe what a big broker how this give spreads in majors on the 2.5 pips and likely more of 3!!!!!! I don't see advantages to trade with FXCM for now.
- Reviewed by fxismylife, March 22, 2010. Rating = 4/10
Once you start making money with them say goodbye to your hard earned money. They don't care about micro customers as live chat and phone support is only for standard accounts...wow. Worst customer service I have experienced in a forex broker. Don't trust this bucket shop. Thought they might have changed their ways but it's still the same crappy fxcm we all know and love.
- Reviewed by Pips, February 6, 2010. Rating = 1/10
FXCM collects interest at the roll over time but they don't pay it. In a market run the desk locks you out of taking a position so money is lost there. 6 times I've been closed out of what would have been profitable trades by mysterious margin calls even though I was no where near the point of a legitimate margin call. The FXCM employees are thieves and will rob you blind.
- Reviewed by Sean Coast, January 28, 2010. Rating = 1/10
When it works it's fine. The problem with fxcm is their really atrocious 'customer service' and frequent outages. If you speak to 4 or 5 different customer service people for whatever problem or question, you will get 5 or 6 different stories. They seem to be clueless, and it seems as if they really couldn't care less what the customer thinks. Not good. Never expect a straightforward answer to your questions. Perhaps they hire idiots to sound polite on the phone, but the result is they seem like liars and cheats.
- Reviewed by nyhitrader, January 23, 2010. Rating = 5/10
Absolutely ok. Loss money at one time due to system failure, they refunded back the full amount. Just wished they used MT4 for micro.
- Reviewed by Aarasu, December 12, 2009. Rating = 8/10
- Reviewed by yilomka, October 23, 2009. Rating = 9/10
FXCM is the greediest, the most dishonest and the lack of technological advancement there is in the whole wide trading industry. Nothing works right. Orders are Lagging, pips are taken away for no reason. The spreads get ridiculous, and basically every single trade is a total rip off and a waste of time. Their customer support is just useless. Everyone is busy chasing something other than trying to fix the issues and correct their technological doom which WILL get the out of business sooner or later! Brokers like this should be punished!
- Reviewed by Tom_Ace, August 27, 2009. Rating = 1/10
It's just fine.
- Reviewed by Lovie, June 26, 2009. Rating = 10/10
Did not believe those scam stories till it happened to me 2 days consecutively. On both occasions, my account is close to the level where they will close out all your trades due to insufficient margin. Prices on both days spike up to evoke closure of all my trades and the price that triggered the closure of my trades happen to be the highest price for that period.Prices reversed quickly after that. Highly suspicious. Not sure whether to file a complaint since my account is only about %100 each time and not sure whether the authorities can do anythng about it. I am convinced now to put my money elsewhere ( likely to be Oanda ). Avoid FXCM.
- Reviewed by nk, June 3, 2009. Rating = 1/10

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2009/10 FXCM Micro Ratings
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2008/09 FXCM Micro Reviews

May 1, 2008 - Apr 30, 2009

Very low spreads, best in town for small accounts under 7k.
- Reviewed by BJ, April 24, 2009. Rating = 10/10
This is the worst company we have dealt with. They are a dealing desk of sorts, and they do take the other side of your trade, but won't tell you this. I could just tell when I would place a trade there WAS manipulation in the spread. STAY AWAY!!!!
- Reviewed by mitchfx, April 2, 2009. Rating = 1/10
Service was ok, however spreads were not as competitive as other places. Was mainly there because of Kathy and Boris but has since moved on. Still a big fan of MT4.
- Reviewed by SeekingFXreturns, February 24, 2009. Rating = 5/10
Spreads are not stable.
- Reviewed by FXyoga, February 12, 2009. Rating = 8/10
Great platform but spread is not consistent. Huge spreads. And execution may be quick with the 1 click buy sell exit( sweet) but I know they gap the spread to close stops and hit your entry orders. Scammish I think.
- Reviewed by fxsucker, January 10, 2008. Rating = 2/10
Undoubtedly the worst experience of mylife. I have been unable to close a trade where I was making even a few cents profit. The software is slow and unresponsive. The charts are slow as compared to other live accounts. I would recommend flushing cash down the garbage disposal as a better alternative.
- Reviewed by Lori, December 3, 2008. Rating = 1/10

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2008/09 FXCM Micro Ratings
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