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2012/13 Forex.com Reviews

May 1, 2012 - Apr 30, 2013

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when you do set SL, then it will run to your SL. Weird system!
- Reviewed by datdo, April 27, 2013. Rating = 1/10
lousy customer service. After 2 weeks, I still have not received my withdrawal that I requested. no response from e-mails to customer service. exorbitant fees
- Reviewed by constantine kyriazis, November 11, 2012. Rating = 1/10
WORst forex broker! avoid this broker they robbed me for my money...... no im not an amateur to trading i have another account and i have a success rate of 80% and on forex.com i have like a 15% success rate i am canceling my account immediately!!
- Reviewed by P, July 6, 2012. Rating = 1/10
Novice Forex broker. Started with ForexTrader Pro demo account. Looked really cool. Learned the do and don't. Started with live account and all of a sudden, spread like eurusd would fluctuate dramatically. Platform at one point wasn't refreshing until it was too late and realized that I was already in red. this happened multiple times. at one point, the interface didn't even look like it was moving, then suddenly huge spike in the graph and triggers my lost, then screen gets refresh. Something isn't right in this platform and I can see from other reviews that this company is a scam.
- Reviewed by js, June 28, 2012. Rating = 2/10
Customer since 08/2008. Small player (mostly under $4000.00. They answer the phone; sometimes they call me to check up, not to sell anything; they pay quickly (better in the last year or two; they help me with my computer problems (some guys are better than others; I have been absolutly screwed in the forex market in the past four years about 342 times, and on review about 342 were a direct result of my stupidity or bad luck. I read a swarm of negative comments on some site; my feeling is guys who lost and want a dog to kick.
- Reviewed by Bill Alford, June 15, 2012. Rating = 9/10
The biggest scam I have ever seen. I reported them to the CFTC.
- Reviewed by Jen118, June 7, 2012. Rating = 1/10
They are just fine if you have a patience and get to talk to the managerial staff when you have issues.....You do need to know what are you doing..........
- Reviewed by Josephine, May 24, 2012. Rating = 7/10

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Current Forex.com Ratings
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2011/12 Forex.com Reviews

May 1, 2011 - Apr 30, 2012

Forex.com are bandits, I had a stop at break even something happened in the market where it hit my break even stop and took me out at -20 pips and they wont even refund me the money 2nd of all is the quarrented spread with is fixed but a lie because they gone back on their word. 3rd is the account keeping fee's which they can take 5% of money out in 90 days if you don't use it.
- Reviewed by shang, April 10, 2012. Rating = 1/10
This is a huge scam. They show a position is positive and when I close it, I had -$900 realized loss. Stay away from them! The customer service is really bad. I am going to move my money as soon as I can.
- Reviewed by Stayaway, January 14, 2012. Rating = 1/10
Very good on making tricks to steal your money! The platform is often doubtful and grambling. Strangely enough, the demo account works fine and after you open a live account many many strange things happens (..?)
- Reviewed by robertom, December 29, 2011. Rating = 4/10
I opened my account when EURCHF was at 1.10 and falling. My intention was to buy and hold. Within a week, the pair closed in on parity, and the time to get in was ripe. After getting in, and holding for a short while, rumors of SNB intervention began accumulating. I had a hard time with looking at the resolution on the Pro version of the platform (it almost seems to be designed to mask precision, allowing for error). Too much is going on in this interface. It looks real cool at first, but it is very distracting, and leads the trader to stray from a focused approach to trading. This increases trading, and profits for a company maximizing profits based on trades. This company does not profit from the buy and hold trader, and they don't advise toward these strategies.

In fact, I received advice from Joe (boasting 6 years of trading experience as the account advisor. I repeat 6 years, not 5.) So, Joe asked me "what happened the last time the SNB tried to intervene? It didn't work, and.....you know the rest of the story. I stuck with the EUR/CHF as it consolidated. But Joe advised to look at other pairs, such as the EUR/USD (higher beta). This of course leads to more trading, and more money for Forex.com. This is against my personal approach to investing. I am more buy and hold.

After the SNB intervened, and the pair rose to 1.20, my plan to stay in it with a larger longer hold had been compromised with several smaller trades, all of which were being eaten up by volatility and a poor trading platform. Then the real clincher was this: I had a couple of trades that took off nicely in October, and I was using the iphone to trade. The mobile application gave me erroneous information, and said that my position was closed. I logged out, and logged back in. Still, I received a message stating my position was closed. The market was moving quickly, and I did not want to lose my position in the trade, so I re-entered the position with more lots. Then, the mobile app updates, and I realize my original position is still open, and profiting well. However, the new lots I added created a shortage of margin as the market pulled back. My trade was liquidated, my profit was eliminated (a fairly decent sum), and there was no explanation for it from Forex. They said they were working on the problem.

Another trade around the same time was blacked out for more than an hour. I could not gain access through the mobile app for more than an hour at the beginning of a large move. Strangely, these black outs and application problems occurred simultaneously with big moves in the market (usually the USD). I would hope that someone picks the idea up to file a class action law suit against this company, and see how many of us have been impacted. I am sure this is a very large problem. In fact, it may be me that starts the suit if I have time.

The founders of Forex.com wrote "Currency Trading for Dummies", which brings in a lot of novices, first timers who may consider the company legitimate due to having authored this book, and won an award or two for performance a few years back. I am certain that the founders have meant very well with their business approach, however it will be up to them to correct any wrong doings if in fact the evidence continues to point us toward fraud and deceit. Ultimately, it may end up being the company account that is liquidated, to replenish all of those trusting traders whose accounts were drained to satisfy the greed of this company, Forex.com.

On top of this, Joe seems to take it personally if you don't listen to what he says, but he means well I am sure. He just puts a lot of misinformation out there, as well as the rest of them. Last week, they were preaching to buy USD/JPY. They have a way of wording it in a way that is enticing, like baiting the trader to take the risk. It is a joke. It pulls the trader away from a plan, and directs the trader to take an alternate path malinformed.

- Reviewed by tradesmith, November 20, 2011. Rating = 2/10
Same experience as a previous poster. I did not log into my live account for 2 months while I was working on PA strategies on demo.
When I logged back into my live account in August , it had been drawn down in the order of 70% by trades that I had not placed.
In the process of trying to get my money back.....not very optimistic.
- Reviewed by Brian614, August 19, 2011. Rating = 1/10
I am using forex trader pro and it sucks.In their economic calendar and their technical analysis we can never know if the time displayed is AM or PM . Their Rollover rates are not easy to find .Their Open positions is very slow ( i hope its not on purpose )compared to when i open the Position details witch is working as it should.And now their margin monitor is slower (Again with the not on purpose ), it takes 2 seconds for the arrow to appear in stead of a fraction of a second . I did write so many emails to their support website and their answers were for me to update my computer ( the joke ).So i did try it on my home pc witch is new and guess what :still the same . Once i was chatting with a support member about the fluctuation in prices between Us oil and UK oil and instead of explaining (do his damm job ) he told me to go look for the answer on the internet ;i replied by asking witch website should i go to ;he then said to do some internet search.
I was not satisfied with such a lousy answer.
Again if you're new to this ,pease take your time and compare well several trading software.
- Reviewed by ralfi, July 8, 2011. Rating = 2/10

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2011/12 Forex.com Ratings
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2010/11 Forex.com Reviews

May 1, 2010 - Apr 30, 2011

I try to be fair in all reviews I write of any company. I came to doing business with Forex.com aka Gain Capital knowing full and well that other people had said they were a scam. Now I truly realize this. It isn't because I lost money, in fact I made money, but they made it exceptionally hard. For one, their system is corrupt. MULTIPLE TIMES ORDERS WERE OPENED THAT I DID NOT OPEN. This resulted in massive losses, which they abruptly wrote off as the inherit danger in Forex trading...they didn't seem to understand that I DID NOT MAKE THE ORDERS. They refused to refund my account. I asked if their system was experiencing problems and they were quick to blame my internet browser. Multiple computers and web browsers later, their system WAS STILL MAKING ORDERS ON MY ACCOUNT. This is definitely a scam company. Sure, you trade the real spot market, but once they have their spread, they will do all they can to make sure you DO NOT turn a profit.

Remember, I made money, but I had to fight for it weeks on end to replace what their system truly lost. I say this with all the truth I can muster. Please stay away from Gain Capital for your own good, but I wish you luck in trading with other FX companies.

- Reviewed by Nonickname, April 15, 2011. Rating = 1/10
I wonder if this is a real company or a scam. They operate as if they are bunch of tugs with really bad customer services and very poor mobile application. I have moved to GFT, but still all the forex trading companies seem to be much of mafia run companies. I am comparing my experience between stock brokers likes Ameritrade and currency trading such as FOREX.COM
If I were you, don't waste your money and time opening your account with FOREX.COM.
I am going to give GFT a chance and so far they have a much better mobile application and better customer service.
- Reviewed by pnt_86, March 13, 2011. Rating = 1/10
I have read several bad reviews about this broker and they all seem to be true. Forex.com (GAIN) is a typical market maker style broker but this company is one of the worst Forex brokers I've traded with. Trading desk will nail you when they can. Definitely dishonest. Reaction to market moves and order filling can be very slow. Stops are not reliably triggered. Unstable Java platform and their tech support is such in name only. This broker made it clear to me from the beginning that it will always be in conflict with my trading. In my opinion Forex.com has variable spreads. The customer service is poor. This broker is not worth the try.
- Reviewed by Fox, December 8, 2010. Rating = 1/10
Worst broker ever, their trading platform stopped working and they didn't know how to fix it so i have been trading on their website. They have an auto timeout function that logs you out of your account every 3 to 10 minutes, so you have to log back in about 30 times a day, when i asked them about this they blame it on my browser but i have tried every browser there is with the same horrible results. several times when i have pressed the close position button it closes it and then opens a new position in the opposite direction, I would not trust this company at all anymore.
- Reviewed by capotemasta, October 27, 2010. Rating = 1/10
If you are using FOREX.com to trade then you are a sucker. This is an entry level product to attract novice traders. All novice traders repeat basic mistakes that Gain/Forex.com will gladly take advantage of. No serious trader would consider using them. Any reviewer that is posting positive reviews about them either is an employee of FOREX.com or is a P.R. firm that works for them. Some simple Google searches will reveal to you how trading desks routinely take advantage of novice traders and FOREX.com is a cleverly designed package aimed at attracting just that kind of user. I have found some good brokers and charting packages out there and you can make money trading FOREX but it is not for the novice. In fact, most of the successful traders I know that day trade would never consider trading the foreign currencies because of how difficult it is. Think about that. Experienced traders don't trade currencies but FOREX.com caters to novice traders. You MUST have
 your act together to currency trade. It has taken me 3 years of extensive money losses and making every single mistake possible before I became consistently profitable in the FOREX market.

I have personally experienced the following with FOREX.com with a $50,000 account:
- Terrible customer service
- Stop hunting
- Dramatic shifts in spreads. They told me that spreads increase if trade volume rapidly increases or decreases... think about how stupid that answer is for a moment.
- Poor fills
- Repeated "order pending" messages
- Lame charting platform with outdated indicators and limited choice of views of time, tick, etc.
- Slow and incomplete data feed
- Data freezes

Yet, I think the most evil thing that FOREX.com does is to pretend to provide its users with market information. The market commentary feed from the trade desk is routinely wrong and designed to mislead you. The market news that they pick up from the news wire (DJ) is SELECTIVELY posted so as to support the wrong side of the trade. Please realize that for every news wire release that says the dollar is strengthening I can find a news wire posting that says the opposite. FOREX.com has turned the editing of the news you get into an art form.

Lastly, they try to present themselves as acting in your best interest by providing you with trade advice from two market "analysts" currently Brian Dolan and Todd Gordon. Brian provides top level market news that you can easily find for yourself so you have no advantage with any of that info. ALL of that news is already known.

Todd Gordon is an Elliott Wave trader that gives buy sell signals. His advice will blow out your account because you will fall subject to greed (if you haven't read about trading psychology and greed then you are screwed). However, I do encourage you to read about Elliott Wave theory (it is not easy to do) and decide for yourself if it is correct or something that you can profitably trade. I read the Elliott Wave book 3 times and plotted waves for several months before coming to the conclusion that it is no better than most other strategies.I will go so far as to say that I don't believe that Todd Gordon uses Elliott Wave to base his trade decisions. He is really looking at the over bought or over sold condition of a single currency and then trying to find an alternate single currency moving in the opposite direction. In my experience that has to do with the auction process or the idea of over bough and over sold. Exploring those ideas will get you closer to making consistent
 profits than anything else.

The reason I mention the Todd Gordon and Elliott Wave stuff so much is that you will get force fed Todd and Elliott Wave news, updates, twitter postings etc through FOREX.com. The constant bombardment of that info clouds your trading instinct and decision making which is to their advantage.

FOREX.com is one big manipulation of the novice trader.

Good luck.

- Reviewed by ranger, October 25, 2010. Rating = 1/10
I received approval for my account margin all the goodies. The only help I received was for funding account. I was never able to use the demo. I found out if your not ready to give out some money, all of your other problems got pitched from one customer service rep to another. Sure glad I didn't fund anything. If you get kind of treatment right out of the gate why would customer service get any better. I guess I got lucky. I'm still looking for a reliable broker but the reviews that I've seen on the other sites as well, I'm not to hopeful. Read the small print on these guys they are with tradestation and others aka Gain Capital appears to be parent company of a few of these brokers.
- Reviewed by trimtrac, June 8, 2010. Rating = 1/10
I've been using Forex.com for 7 months. Of the four major brokers I've tried, they are my favorite. Can't say they are perfect, but after a lot of trades, their technical analysis has made me more money than anyone else.
- Reviewed by cambar11, June 5, 2010. Rating = 8/10

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2010/11 Forex.com Ratings
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2009/10 Forex.com Reviews

May 1, 2009 - Apr 30, 2010

Unmatched customer care, simple platform, tight spreads...I think I am long forex.com for the next two decades, its a place I can trust my investment with.
- Reviewed by lawrence, March 13, 2010. Rating = 10/10
Poor chatline staff, takes on average 2 minutes to reply a short sentence.I have screenshot to prove it as well. Just to mention more about their staff, some of the chatline staff seem to not be able to understand english, wondered where they outsourced their chatlines.

Poor customer service, some of my trader buddies with capital less than 10000 asked for 5-digit pricing and got it, I didn't. Until I asked for a full account withdrawal and an email came. telling all i have to do is email that guy to get it. Too late. I have screenshots to prove it.

Poor withdrawal protocols especially with withdrawals of whole account funds. till date took more than 48 hours when their website said 2 days. putting your money in is easy and fast, but withdrawing is extremely slow or maybe neglected. i have screenshot to prove it as well. It seems to be due to ending the business with them and they simply take their own sweet time.

Spreads are ok for me. but in volatile times, no way.

This broker is not worth the try in my opinion.

- Reviewed by 369fanclub, January 30, 2010. Rating = 1/10
Trading was good early 2009 but the past 5-months not good. Reprice of trade entry. Java platform broken. Customer Service issues. I am moving on to trade FX E-micro futures.
- Reviewed by FXQuest, September 6, 2009. Rating = 5/10
Forex.com has just transferred their MetaTrader accounts to the UK, and now only provides Wire transfer for withdrawals, without warning anyone they are removing the check payment option. Is everyone else this bad?
- Reviewed by Renegade, August 4, 2009. Rating = 3/10
Overall good experience. Theres a lot of paranoia in the forex market. It's sort of like a video game mentality where as soon as that person fails he blames the game. oh hax! well... learn2trade maybe.

the market is fractal. it almost always come down after going up. just because it reversed as soon as you got long does not mean your brokers to blame. infact i use 2 charts and have never seen a difference between my 3rd party charting software and forex.com's charting software larger than the spread.

If your stops are getting hit and reversing immediatly then your not putting your stops in an advantagious place.

I'll throw you complainers a bone. why don't you profit from other peoples stops getting ran.

Anticipate where others have placed their stops. wait for evidence of a spill. when the blood stops running and starts to pool get long with a reasonable stop and a conservative limit.

- Reviewed by mark, July 19, 2009. Rating = 8/10
I've been trading live using Forex.com metatrader for 4 months. I use Fapturbo and MegaDroid. Both trade well. I sent 1 withdrawal request and waited for 15 days to get money. Had to send them several emails. Hope this is an exception. So far I like the broker and customer service.
- Reviewed by Aries20, May 28, 2009. Rating = 9/10
No so good some tech problem chart alway cant see.
- Reviewed by alvin, May 6, 2009. Rating = 3/10

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2009/10 Forex.com Ratings
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2008/09 Forex.com Reviews

May 1, 2008 - Apr 30, 2009

They always trade against your position and make you lose. Right after, or shortly after you place your trade, you will see the chart changing ist trend to rip you off. The patform is doing more thna just posting the price. It is not neutral and it is you against the owner of the software. IS THIS WHOLE THING A SCAM? IS FOREX A SCAM? Remeber there is no outside regulation. It is you and a broker who spent years mastering this software, so that it will always make them win against you.
- Reviewed by raz, April 22, 2009. Rating = 3/10
Didn't have much problems with them until recently they changed their platform to the disadvantage of the trader ( cant see how much margin left till margin call), spreads are not fixed any more and are generaly bigger now (6-8 pips for eurjpy! most of the time)
- Reviewed by Leo, April 18, 2009. Rating = 5/10
Definitely dishonest. Trading desk will nail you when they can. For sure stop hunting. Analysts purposely mislead you in some of their strategies, then act like they were surprised by turn of events.
- Reviewed by Bohistavva, January 16, 2009. Rating = 1/10
I started with 500 and 8 days later my account is at 3800. The proof is in the pudding. You others can go ahead and leave, but keep trading, I need your money.
- Reviewed by duktrader, December 22, 2008. Rating = 10/10
The 3 platforms provided are ok. Have to reset chart preference every time you login which is annoying. One of the platforms has failed and I have not been able to use it in two weeks.
When I went to request a withdrawal they decide to remove the option of crediting back the credit card used but not post his information anywhere. My transaction was just cancelled and no one told me. I then submitted a request to wire the money. Needless to say the fax numbers we down, and I'm now still waiting for my money after over a week.
- Reviewed by klm, December 20, 2008. Rating = 5/10
The best! Specially after adding the Meta. I converted my account from ForexTrader platform to MetaTrader and it has been a fantastic change! But I have to say that you need a fixed spread account, do not open a variable spread account, specially in this market crisis !
- Reviewed by ForeXPP, December 3, 2008. Rating = 10/10
The look at feel is nice, but that is all. Forex.com charts are buggy, delayed and inconsistent. System freezes often.
- Reviewed by impaler, October 30, 2008. Rating = 1/10
I see the negative comments on this forum and I immediately think that they are representatives of the other market makers in the forex industry that do not want people to go to forex.com. Even in this ongoing credit crisis with some pretty intense volatility in the fx markets, forex.com has made a market for me in my mini account with which I am satisfied. When I am trading with the market I win, when I am wrong I lose money. I think they have been most equitable in their pricing in terms of stops, limits, etc...

I sincerely believe that they are well managed enough to be able to give john public a decent spread with good leverage with near instantaneous execution. Sure, there are some reprices, but that's the market! When I have requested my funds I don't remember having to wait long for them to show up in my bank account. I have used FXCM, RefcoFX (which was FXCM platform), and CMC, and I believe forex.com to be the best of those. Platform is simple, and I like that. Charts work for me. Simple straight forward layout that is intuitive for the most part. Probably your best bet for the scam ridden FX markets. I have heard terrible things about FXCM and others when it comes to news and volatile markets. Have yet to have had trouble with forex.com.

- Reviewed by 312trader, October 19, 2008. Rating = 9/10
This is the first forex broker I've used. The trading software is very buggy. The support from a trading standpoint is iffy, sometimes very good, sometimes very arrogant. I'm exiting this position ;)
- Reviewed by partic, September 20, 2008. Rating = 3/10
Okay, but hedging is not available which is a very useful profit tool for me. Because they don't have hedging available, I lost more than $400 of my $500 deposit. My advice is STAY AWAY.
- Reviewed by pixiehobbit, August 14, 2008. Rating = 2/10
Good solid broker. No real complaints. Spreads a bit higher. Average charts.
- Reviewed by ideadirect, July 15, 2008. Rating = 7/10
Good customer service, answers all questions within reasonable time. Fast executions even in heavy news trading. Good tools including esignals charting, good market news and real time trading comments.
- Reviewed by Dave, July 4, 2008. Rating = 8/10
Great customer service, platform does freeze, charts slow...but if a dumb ex jock lol (baseball) can take a demo acct up 400% twice in 4 months anyone can! But one thing about us ex-baseball playes we love, rhythm, technique and method - going 1-3 for 23 years has paid off mentally!
- Reviewed by e, May 11, 2008. Rating = 6/10

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2008/09 Forex.com Ratings
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2007/08 Forex.com Reviews

May 1, 2007 - Apr 30, 2008

Too much bad to mention.
- Reviewed by ME, February 19, 2008. Rating = 2/10
Old platform, good customer service.
- Reviewed by scrappy, December 7, 2007. Rating = 7/10
Careless customer service.
- Reviewed by ingul, October 31, 2007. Rating = 1/10
Pushy salesmen, poor charting packages unless you like the spoon and know your directionals you'll have a hard time here without a few million and a week on your hands.
- Reviewed by rainbowconceptions, October 13, 2007. Rating = 5/10
The worst of the worst broker, can't guarantee slippage and STL are excuted way too slow, almost 200 pips beyond STL, charts are worthless, customer service are useless, it is nothing but a JUNK broker.
- Reviewed by Bluelight, September 19, 2007. Rating = 1/10
Have been unable to get my initial deposit back. Need MT4 but they don't offer it. Otherwise seems okay.
- Reviewed by cfw123, August 12, 2007. Rating = 2/10
They have a good customer service but the platform has not much to offer in regard of tools. Bad graphical tools.
- Reviewed by Bob, July 15, 2007. Rating = 2/10
Very bad, play against you and ruin you.
- Reviewed by Paul, May 27, 2007. Rating = 1/10
They will rip your money with ticks that do not exist.
- Reviewed by minime, May 4, 2007. Rating = 1/10
These guys are the worst Forex criminals I have ever encountered! They are a BIG Fraud! If you are a novice investing small amounts, then they will play havoc with your trades and will ruin you in a very short time. I have been using them live for over a year now, and no matter what I did, they ALWAYS traded against me! All the bad comments you've been reading about them are true and more! I have been demoing with an ECN broker during the same period with similiar trading strategy and managed to double my account there, but at Forex.com I lost everything! Beware, and stay far away from this so-called broker!!
- Reviewed by 4xian, May 3, 2007. Rating = 1/10

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2007/08 Forex.com Ratings
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2006/07 Forex.com Reviews

May 1, 2006 - Apr 30, 2007

Their commentary aimed at getting traders off good money making trades and into losing scenarios; bad to terrible customer service; recently left their services!
- Reviewed by lamdis, April 11, 2007. Rating = 1/10
Been with them 18 months. Fast executions and dependable spreads. Spreads higher than some but at least you know what they are. Free eSignal charts a big plus.
- Reviewed by billflet, April 10, 2007. Rating = 9/10
Shade market and run my stops.
- Reviewed by WTC, March 18, 2007. Rating = 2/10
Charting poor. Spreads large.
- Reviewed by sstheo, March 1, 2007. Rating = 5/10
Good broker, platform does not display enough info. I presently have a live account with this broker.
- Reviewed by PG, January 29, 2007. Rating = 8/10
Their guarantee on Stop Loss order is fake. Once my SL order was executed after 25 points. But in case if your Take profit order is delayed, you will not get a penny extra. It will go to their account.
- Reviewed by Franc, January 14, 2007. Rating = 4/10
They do not trade against you: the market trades against you. I checked the live quotes comparing them to other brokers: there is absolutely no difference between the Forex.com prices, the Saxo Bank prices, FXCM prices, etc... so they are not moving against you, you are trading against the market.

I only had one problem with the spreads in 6 months, it was right after the weekend and Thanksgiving Day and lasted about 30 mins, time during which the NZD/USD spread increased to 7 pips for example. The only slippage problem I witnessed in the last 6 months: when NZD came off 150 pips on Fin. Min. Cullen's comments from 0.6650 to 0.6500 I think, the first minutes after the comments were highly volatile and indeed it took some seconds to square the long position, but I think the liquidation was made at the market price available in the second I pushed the button.

They have some excellent piece of profit-producing research: when you say they go against you, have you ever tried trading their research? (they are entering positions with surgical precision) and - off the record - they're up about 700 pips from the start of December (today is Dec 30 2006) and remember that in December most traders are on holiday-mode. They may lose 2 weeks in a row, but what they lose in 2 weeks win back in only one trade. I am making money with them: I started with 500$ and traded only their research because I was completely new to Forex 6 months ago. But I have a friend who started in August 2006 with 250$ and by now he is up about 4000$ (we live in Romania, if Forex.com would go against someone, they will definetly choose foreigners first). I think this is the best broker for Mini accounts: don't know if you can start with 250$ and end up with a Ferrari in 2 years, but if you want some financial freedom, Forex.com is the best place to start.

- Reviewed by Parmalat, December 30, 2006. Rating = 8/10
This one is by far the worst one! Stay far far away from them! They trade against you and move the price up and down to make you get out of your position or to get in on the trade. Charts do not sync to the bid/ask quotes. Meaning in addition to the 3 pips that they gain from you for eur/usd, they gain several more pips in addition. Horrible customer service, can be very rude and annoying.
- Reviewed by macgeo99, December 12, 2006. Rating = 1/10
- Reviewed by Chris, November 24, 2006. Rating = 3/10
Trades against thier own clients. Poor execution. Poor manual liquidity. Questionable rates. Quick to close on a loss. Slow to close on a PO. Platform and order choices are the only reason I stayed.
- Reviewed by surfermsc123, October 31, 2006. Rating = 2/10
They have liquidated my positions twice without either warning before or notifying afterwards, have lousy customer service, an application that is old and shaky, and are beyond a joke - and a liability. Stay well clear.
- Reviewed by db, October 30, 2006. Rating = 1/10
If you want to lose your money go here ... their rates and charts are out of synch, chart goes down, but rates can go up ... This is usual thinking with them!!!
- Reviewed by winters, September 11, 2006. Rating = 1/10
Gain Capital counterpart with new name. Poor charting since they use prosticks and not their own data. Also, requotes and slippage.
- Reviewed by FXusa, August 1, 2006. Rating = 5/10
Unfriendly and not helpful. Have had slippage probs. during volatile markets.
- Reviewed by cambist, July 8, 2006. Rating = 3/10

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2006/07 Forex.com Ratings
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2005/06 Forex.com Reviews

May 1, 2005 - Apr 30, 2006

We are new and green to FX. After reading the "Bill of Rights for FX", we now realize the importance when choosing a broker/dealer. Trading with "Pimps for Pips" can prove costly and frustrating! READ & RESEARCH.
Rating = 1/10 - February 28, 2006
Pros : Good research, good customer service on the phone.
Cons : Prehistoric application, the commentary that jerks up to the beginning every few seconds gives a headache on long updates. I would not even dare to try their Trade API. Basically very poor IT, but worth keeping an account for the research.
Rating = 5/10 - December 28, 2005
This broker should be avoided if you want to make any money trading the Forex. Their customer service is terrible. Their web-based trading platform is boring, prehistoric and has mispelled words ie. "realised gains". Their spreads are consistently in the 6-8 pip range away from the live price. I would avoid these people at all cost.
Rating = 3/10 - December 16, 2005
Pros: credit card deposit, high leverage with swap payment
cons: no trade possible if the firewall blocks certain ports even though the software runs on JAVA or HTML
Rating = 2/10 - December 4, 2005
Forex.com is lazy! The trading interface is from 19th century, real dull and boring and nothing extra in it, they take holidays and close their trading desk!!! (I Lost a good sum of money, since they were snoring the labor day).
Rating = 1/10 - September 6, 2005

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2005/06 Forex.com Ratings
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2004/05 Forex.com Reviews

May 1, 2004 - Apr 30, 2005

I've been using Forex.com (GAIN) for sometime and they have mostly everything needed. Guranteed stops and click to trade instantly. Clean interface and nothing unnecessary. Is there anyone who also use forex.com?
Rating = 9/10 - Apr 25, 2005

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2004/05 Forex.com Ratings
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