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Forex Trend System Reviews

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A wonderful tool with great simplicity of use and accuracy in determinning the trend. The alerts are very good and i have been able to make a lot more money in demo mode (Earlier I was loosing a lot by trading randomly)...Considering that I am a beginner, this tool is extremely useful to me. I am sure it is very helpful even for folks with prior trading experience.

With 1:100 leverage on demo accounts, I suggest using a lot size of 0.1 before moving on to bigger lot sizes until one is comfortabale. This way one can stay in the trades longer and cut losses while making consistent profits.

A great tool for a very reasonable price and wonderful / responsive customer service by Gary.

Happy trading!

- Reviewed by Manoj (USA) 16 August, 2008Visit Site
I have been using forex trend system for 3 month since march, and I learn the system first able from virtual trade for 2 month then I going live last month, I have earn approximately 3000 pips fr GBP/JPY, the indicator is easy to read, even dummy newbie like me can easily profit fr this system, very nice to trade with the trend, so I can avoid false signal and enter with confidence, thanks Gary... I'm really satisfied to purchase your product.
- Reviewed by The_Rck (Indonesia) 29 May, 2008Visit Site
After having traded the Forex Market for several years, I was honestly starting to believe that there was no system that truly worked, no way to make consistent profits, that the whole thing was just a potential gold mine you had to dig with your fingers and lose all of your money doing so.

Sure, a lot of systems seem to work at first when you "back-test" them, going back in time to paper trade them on specific charts. But anyone who's ever been through the process of finding out the painful way that a system didn't really work on a live account the way it did during a back-test, knows that there is a huge difference between the two. Gary's system works. As simple as that. It really works, on a live account, with real money, real pips, the whole thing. The key to its success is simple. The indicators are precise enough and right often enough that with proper management, one can make consistent profits on a regular basis without having to fear losing their entire equity.

As someone else using his system said, "I don't remember in 3 years of Forex trading that I entered a trade with such confidence".

After using the system for a couple of weeks, I read these reviews again and though: "This is exactly what it is". Of course, some trades go against me sometimes. But using proper leverage and money management, the system is right so often that I truly feel confident enough in its overall ability to make consistent profits to enjoy a life outside of trading, without stressing out all the time about the trades I'm in.

No system is a miracle maker, let's face it. If any system made millions of dollars a year with no risk at all, it wouldn't be sold in the first place (Duh...).

But I've been in contact with this one's creator for a while, asked him literally dozens of questions in 20 different emails, and he's answered all of them for me, been really patient with my consistent need for detail and overall extremely professional.

I've made consistent profits for more than 2 months and have not once had to worry about drawdown limits, leverage, etc...More importantly, I feel confident that I can trust this system, and its creator to be around if any kind of issue or question were to arise, and that's something I have never before seen or heard of in this market.

- Reviewed by George (USA) December 23, 2007Visit Site

I love the Forex Trend System! It is as simple and powerful as your site claims. I have seen quite a number of ways to determine trend, but what you have created is by far the best I have seen. Everything is so visually clear as to what direction we should look to trade. What makes it even more powerful is that the Forex Trend System is more than just a trend following system. It will also give early warnings to potential reversals. The Forex Trend System truly is simple, easy, powerful, and very effective. It has got to be the easiest yet truly profitable system one can find. I wish this was available when I first started trading Forex. I give it my highest recommendation.

- Reviewed by Samuel (USA) 11 September, 2007Visit Site
I am using a 5, 15 and 60 minute triple chart setup and trading in the direction of the one hour trend.

I am using a five and 15 confirming minute chart for entry and exit signals. The signals generated in the program keep you on side. The white bars give you a heads up that a direction change may be coming up shortly so you can tighten up your exit stop.

David Kiessling
Warwick Trading Inc.

- Reviewed by shoplogix (Canada) 7 July, 2007Visit Site
The Forex Trend System is by far the best trading software I have used. It is extremely accurate and easy to use. I highly recommend it. Thanks Gary!
- Reviewed by MarkDabid (USA) 25 June, 2007Visit Site
I've been actively trading for over ten years, and I've spent 10's of thousands of dollars on trading systems and services. Thankfully, I came across Forex Trend System. Forex Trend System is simply the best system I have come across. As any system it takes its wins and losses, but the wins are consistently much larger than the losses -- this is a winning and profitable system, and Gary has the numbers to prove it. Maybe the best part is Gary's customer service, the best I have ever encountered. His ability to create an amazingly simple (to use), accurate and profitable system that he himself actually trades, and his commitment to helping his customers become successful makes Forex Trend System the best forex trading system I have purchased at any price!
- Reviewed by Elling M (USA) 23 June, 2007Visit Site
This system is so accurate, it is unreal. You don't have to spend months or years to learn all those hard technicial indicators and getting nowhere. You only need to follow a few lines that either blue(buy) or red(sell). That is it. It is one of the easiest, but most effective systems you will ever see. You won't believe how good this system is until you try. I have seen over 100 systems, and this is by far one of the best.
- Reviewed by Nick (USA) 23 June, 2007Visit Site
Having spent 000's on various FX courses, software, eBooks I was initially sceptical about buying 'another forex system'. When I did finally take the plunge I was pleased to see that it met my two greatest requirements - Simplicity and Effectiveness. In addition to this the timeframe traded means that I don't need to be tied to my trading terminal all day long. I would have no hesitation in recommending Forex Trend System to any FX trader, whatever their level of knowledge and experience.
- Reviewed by Bob (UK) 23 June, 2007Visit Site

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