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Etoro Reviews

2013/14 Etoro Reviews

May 1, 2013 - Apr 30, 2014

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I don't like the TP/SL system they use, but following other traders is interesting.
- Reviewed by fxsmart, Jan 30, 2014. Rating = 4/10
One of the best.
- Reviewed by Ulokanjo, September 22, 2013. Rating = 10/10

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Current Etoro Ratings
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2012/13 Etoro Reviews

May 1, 2012 - Apr 30, 2013

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I have an account with eToro for more than 4 years now, I never had really withdraw my profit from my eToro account. So this time I decided that I want to withdraw the profit that I made with eToro, for my surprise they only put back on my paypal account and my master card the amount that I deposited last time from my cards to my eToro account. I had send them emails I chat with them online but always they had a excuse.

One of the excuses were they have a agreement with the credit card company to not deposit on my card more than what I deposited to my eToro account. The other excuse is that paypal didn't accept the amount. So I asked them if I'm the only client with this problem with them and if not how they had resolved this problem in the past, also I asked them if there is no other way for them to transfer the money to me. They never answer those questions.

If you are not robbing people money why you have more than 5 options to deposit money on your website and you give your clients only one option for them to withdraw their money, and you don't even help or come up with another possibility that you can pay.

The first time I withdraw a small amount of the money they had more than 3 option but last time all those option were not available no more. So you guys don't trust this people because you see that they give more than one option to withdraw the more because when the moment come you would be unable to withdraw the profit.

After so much try but with no result, 3 days back they had sent me a e-mail telling me that they had put the money back on my account without my permission. So now is good, I made a profit and I can't withdraw it and now you sent it back to my eToro account for me to continue trading. How in the world you think that I will continue trading if I'm not able to withdraw the profit?

Guys beware of eToro, because I spent more than 4 years trading with these people and when it come that I want to withdraw the profit problem start and can you imagine not being able to withdraw your profit after 4 years with these people? Just like that I waist my time and money.

I'm writing this review because I want to warn other to be aware with this people and don't feel confident when you withdraw the first time because you don't know the second time. I trusted these people that's why I stayed with them so long but beware of them!!!

- Reviewed by Lo, February 27, 2013. Rating = 1/10

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2012/13 Etoro Ratings
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2011/12 Etoro Reviews

May 1, 2011 - Apr 30, 2012

Thank you for paying me the money I had left from my deposit, eToro. Very fast paying on paypal. But honestly I'm on a quest for something a little more than a video game with a liquidity provider. I'm after a direct connection to the ECN markets, were my liquidity provider(margin borrower) is not being handed my trades (so far I found this to be true for all brokers except for one that allows small accounts, can't rate that broker since I have not traded with real money with them.) So for 99.9 percent of the forex brokers I wish you happy betraying, I mean happy trading. Sorry.
- Reviewed by randyenns, February 11, 2012. Rating = 6/10
Thieves there is a dealer make you lost all your money.
- Reviewed by mzaherfb, January 28, 2012. Rating = 1/10
This company is a bigg scam, i joined them 2 months ago, the first month the support was nice and i was getting all the help i needed, but as my profit got bigger, they really started to play dirty when i tripled my account balance, and i was mostly trading gold and oil. So here is the tricks they play

1) When you are in profit and needs to close your trade in profit you get a message that " Current instruments are not trade able " at the moment.

2) They stop giving you live support help to complain, it transfers you to a page where you can submit your issue and some one will get back to you, I had to contact them as a new client, and when i do get hold of them, i get a response that from certain GMT - certain GMT you can not trade certain instruments, then i look in the openbook ( stupid feature to see what other traders are doing) i see other traders are buying gold and oil no problem, apparently this restriction was only for me.

3) You would hardly see a good trader with consistent profit trading with them more than 6 months, and openbook is wide open for anyone to check, since they wont let a good trader, trade that long, I started seeing these dirty games after 2 months, so it all depends on how good you are. The only way you can survive with them is to loose.

4)The biggest scam is their copy trades, and most of the so called guru's that you can follow are etoro's staff, and its all programmed to ruin you in the long run. What happens a guru makes one trade, regular traders opens the same trade with 50% of their account some times more. So sooner or later that will max out your account.

5) And the worst part of the platform is, it let you trade 100% of your account, regardless of what leverage you use, which in itself will fail you sooner or later.

So they made it almost impossible for me to trade and forgot to mention not letting me get into my account and they have bugs in their system, eating your balance in cents consistently without even you noticing. So stay as far away as you can from these scammers.

- Reviewed by Imran, December 17, 2011. Rating = 1/10

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2011/12 Etoro Ratings
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