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CMS Reviews

2010/11 CMS Reviews

May 1, 2010 - Apr 30, 2011

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CMS FOREX is the worst ever i had problem from closing position to customer service until i had just give up and close my account i have lost too mush money with those cause of there trading platform

- Reviewed by code23, March 17, 2011. Rating = 1/10
Good platform, but they stole my money. I lost money for doing nothing. Stay away from them
- Reviewed by Iduy, December 17, 2010. Rating = 1/10
If the ratings were just about how cool the website is then CMS would have received a higher rating. but as it stands from unknowledgeable tech support to finger pointing everywhere but at themselves it was a horrible experience. we were testing there application and provided detailed explanations of issues and in most cases the best they would come back with was to reboot your system or you do not have enough memory or CPU speeds are slow. when you are running the latest computer that is custom w/ 24 gig of RAM and 2.7 Ghz quad core processor. the whole pulling of logs that we the customer cannot view. so they cannot dispute anything they tell us about what has happened because we never see the logs.... Again Buyer Be Ware !!!!
- Reviewed by msbatiste, May 11, 2010. Rating = 1/10

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2010/11 CMS Forex Ratings
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2009/10 CMS Reviews

May 1, 2009 - Apr 30, 2010

So far so good with CMS. But I would suggest that if anybody has any serious concerns or peculiar problems regarding the business practice that they file a complaint with the National Futures Associations' (NFA) BASIC. They are the watchdogs of forex brokers like CMS FX.
- Reviewed by Jay, October 27, 2009. Rating = 8/10
I've had an account with this broker for 2 years. Its a very bad broker when I doubled my account I couldn't close any trade any more at all!!! When you are making good profits in a trade you can't close it only when its way negative then you can close the trade its like a miracle. Advise from a trader with live account don't open an account here stay away. It only gets a 1 for being the worst broker!
- Reviewed by Nedrot, October 21, 2009. Rating = 1/10
For this broker the spread they offer is irrelevant. They may as well offer zero or even negative spreads. It works like this. You place an order. Within a few seconds you get confirmation that your order (say buy EUR at 1.5875) was received. Now make yourself comfortable because what follows may take 30-60 seconds. If in that time the price moves with you even by one pip (say to 1.5876) then you get a requote at some crazy prize sometimes few pips higher than the max for the period. But if the price moves against you (say to 1.5870) then 30-60 seconds later you get a confirmation of an opened position which by then is 5+spread pips in the red. And now your nightmare is just starting. The market keeps moving against you and at 1.5860 you want out. You send a close position request, get confirmation within 1-2 seconds and then . you guessed it, you wait 30-60 seconds. In that time the market goes 1.5861, 1.5862. You think you are out and start breathing again waiting for confirmation that your position was closed. The market starts turning the other way, it hits 1.5855 and to your disbelief you get a requote at this rate.

Now you know you are at their mercy and basically screwed. If you confront them about the response time they will give you the usual 'check your line speed, talk to your IP' etc. And at that point you know your are wasting your time. Because at the time when your CMS station was taking you for a 30-60 seconds rides, your FXCM trading station was opening, closing or rejecting your requests with a sub-second response time. By the way the 30-60 seconds wait does not happen when the market is flatlining so if you are looking for a flat market broker go with CMS.

- Reviewed by piptrader, August 29, 2009. Rating = 1/10
I've put 3 long years into CMS's VT trading system software. The best charting and trading system creation software around( auto trade coded systems). Made good money at first and then the quick trade execution was replaced with constant requotes or no execution at all(Weird and unexplainable problems start occuring with trades when system is trading live accounts). I run the software 5 days straight week after week- no problems occur with software until real trades are entered.If you like to trade on less than 10 minute time frame- forget it - slow execution and requotes will burn you. I am very hesitant at this point to continue trading my live account with them. Customer service is non-exsistant, however VT Systems software support is extraordinary....wish I could use software(VT trader) with different broker. Don't trust these guys any longer. I agree with most of the negative opinions shared by other CMS clients.
- Reviewed by techtrader, May 28, 2009. Rating = 4/10

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2009/10 CMS Forex Ratings
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2008/09 CMS Reviews

May 1, 2008 - Apr 30, 2009

Stay Away!!!! You will lose all your money! 100% manipulating platform against you. They will delay or not execute your trade when you have a profit, but will execute immediately when you have a loss. Good charting don't mean anything when you're losing 100% of the time!!!
- Reviewed by mickey, April 30, 2009. Rating = 1/10
Definitely dishonest. Trading desk will nail you when they can. For sure stop hunting.
- Reviewed by jpb108659, April 18, 2009. Rating = 1/10
The Dealing Desk is constantly trading against you. Forget about trying to trade in fast moving markets - a box pops up asking you to accept another price that is against you, often by a wide margin. Poor and sometime rather offensive support.
- Reviewed by Hedgehog, January 15, 2009. Rating = 4/10
I don't know how they did it but they fried my hard drive. CMS has good charting and I acknowledge that, but I remember that one day there was a new technical analysis tool added to my chart (at that time I had about 20 chart open with a couple of technical analysis but I minimized them and I had four opened on my two screens. I couldn't find it on the list of the technical analysis but I had it. Then I duplicated many charts from the original since I couldn't add it. My laptop got slow for a week after I duplicated and hidden that tool. Then they fried my hard drive since they couldn't take that tool away from me. That's what happened to me and I just wanted to share it with you guys. (That technical analysis tool showed entry and exit point on the chart with blue and red arrows and every time these arrows popped up it made a small ring sound and it was quite accurate tool to have).
- Reviewed by CMS Fried My Hard Drive, January 3, 2009. Rating = 7/10

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2008/09 CMS Forex Ratings
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2007/08 CMS Reviews

May 1, 2007 - Apr 30, 2008

Dishonest to the point of being criminal. If you have a Stop Loss they will find a way to hit it and then tell you all kinds of lies to explain why it got hit. A DANGEROUS BROKER. Please stay away.
- Reviewed by pippeteer, February 8, 2008. Rating = 1/10
The worst customer service you could ever get. Nobody speaks english there. They'll rip you off. Stay away, far away from CMS.
- Reviewed by John, December 7, 2007. Rating = 1/10
I'm trading live with them for 3 years now: nice leverage, nice charting platform, fair rates.
Cons: unstable connectivity; useless customer support.
- Reviewed by camisa, October 2, 2007. Rating = 7/10
Fantastic platform.
- Reviewed by voky, September 12, 2007. Rating = 10/10
Great customer service, fast wire transfers.
- Reviewed by pips_away, August 31, 2007. Rating = 8/10
Are you kidding? CMS has the best graphs but they WILL rip youoff sooner or later. I am a professional broker with ove 300 clients, every one of them who tradED with CMS has been ripped off - some even lost everything. Don't be fooled, CMS is not only the worst, they are the most dangerous to put real money with.
- Reviewed by RockJaw, August 25, 2007. Rating = 1/10
Best charting around, free or not. Just wish someone like FXCM would buy them out and run it responsibly. Everything FXCM has to offer in the way of charting sucks. Wish they'd smarten up.
- Reviewed by ok, August 24, 2007. Rating = 2/10
Very good platform, possibility for personal trading systems, service is solid, no change spreads at news.
- Reviewed by Thomas, June 14, 2007. Rating = 9/10
Nice platform...big betterment.
- Reviewed by Juugy, June 11, 2007. Rating = 9/10
Account service need improvement. Takes three days to post funds. Trading system is very good but hard to excute trades at times given connectivity/ trade execution delay.
- Reviewed by Mac, June 8, 2007. Rating = 9/10
Bad Service, Bad spread, Unstable platform.
- Reviewed by MonteChristo, June 6, 2007. Rating = 1/10
Buggy, buggy, buggy. It's a shame. Their software has so much potential. New bugs continually popping up. They rarely take responsibilty. Standard solution: reinstall. After 3 reinstalls it's time to move on! Never trusted the software enough to trade live.
- Reviewed by VT, May 26, 2007. Rating = 4/10
Can't trade the news....
- Reviewed by brooks79, May 5, 2007. Rating = 5/10
Nice platform but bad connection.
- Reviewed by minime, May 4, 2007. Rating = 5/10

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2007/08 CMS Forex Ratings
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2006/07 CMS Reviews

May 1, 2006 - Apr 30, 2007

Very good trading software.
- Reviewed by e-boarder, February 15, 2007. Rating = 10/10
Glitchy software (VT 1.8.x) they don't accept responsibility for, agressive and non-friendly customer support, dead servers at news release time.
- Reviewed by Customer, November 15, 2006. Rating = 1/10
Their platform hedging feature does not work. Message: Insufficient funds. Extra funds are not required when you hedge in their platform. When asked when they would have it fixed, was told it will be updated with the "next release" of their software. This was not a demo account. I found out their hedging feature did not work AFTER I was in a live trade. Ended up having to close the trade and take the loss.
- Reviewed by lotusbee, November 6, 2006. Rating = 1/10
Admit to platform problems but won't take responsibility when the platform crashes. Orders go through but don't show in position window. Sorry doesn't fix the hole in my pocket.
- Reviewed by dirtydog, October 31, 2006. Rating = 1/10
Used their demo for a year averaging over 30% a month. Then opened a live account and barely got 20% because of poor execution and server problems. Customer service was very rude. Nice charts but moved my account to GFT. At least they're honest with me and their platform is stable. I know they are a MM, but at least they are honest about making the other side or passing it on to the banks. (ie, if you make a good trade it will be passed on, if not; they're going to take the other side.)
- Reviewed by 2wheel, September 21, 2006. Rating = 1/10
It's funny cuz I've been using them for about a year with live money and never seen any problems with connections or non executions as everyone say's here... I do have to admit during market news I could not place a stop order but the execution is great always got execute correctly when my orders were in. I dont know about staff never really talked to them much so can't really say. Once I got disconnected, didn't affect my orders though so I cant really say anything bad about them.
- Reviewed by Liger, September 19, 2006. Rating = 8/10
Don't even think about trading with them...their servers shut down in a fast market, and they trade against their customers. You will lose all your money sooner or later, (probably sooner). They do manipulate quotes, they are about 2 seconds behind everyone else. Use OANDA or Alpari instead.
- Reviewed by Invictus, August 9, 2006. Rating = 1/10
While I really like the VT Trader platform, the service provided by their account executives was very poor.
- Reviewed by FxTrader, August 3, 2006. Rating = 2/10
Good chart, poor staff.
- Reviewed by Omar, July 31, 2006. Rating = 5/10
Great first impression and fairly good news and charting, but this firm has SERIOUS connectivity problems once you start trading real money, they have frequent failures to execute orders, stops and limits and their staff are ALL foreign (ex commie eastern europe), no one can speak english properly, they're all rude and no one will EVER solve a problem.
ADVICE: Use the platform for trading a demo and to use the charting platform, but NEVER trade real money, you WILL lose everything due to problems sooner or later.
- Reviewed by RockJaw, June 22, 2006. Rating = 1/10

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2006/07 CMS Forex Ratings
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2005/06 CMS Reviews

May 1, 2005 - Apr 30, 2006

Fantastic platform for "Phoney Money" but VERY dangerous for any real money.

The CMS staff do NOT want to know about ANY of your problems and you WILL have SERIOUS problems trading real money ESPECIALLY when you need it least, namely when the volatility is high.

CMS boots all smaller accounts off their servers as soon as volatility picks up pace, right when you need problems the least. Good luck if you get any of the staff to help you with anything serious!

Rating = 1/10 - April 28, 2006
400:1 leverage, their platform is very good but their server is a bit slower lately.
Rating = 8/10 - April 15, 2006
Server too bad and requote.
Rating = 1/10 - April 9, 2006
Fairly good service but they can get better. Although the charts are excellent they havent got their basics right auch as easy access to a activity statement. Software functions are good but performance is horrible.
Rating = 7/10 - February 14, 2006
CMS is by far the best Forex platform for the retail trader.
Rating = 9/10 - January 11, 2006
Good charting tool! But server not stable.
Rating = 8/10 - December 30, 2005
Pros: Good chart system, high leverage, hedge without additional margin
cons: weak server, no close stop/limit from current price, no proxy friendly software
Rating = 3/10 - December 4, 2005
I have experienced all of these brokers (CMS, FXCM, GFT, Oanda & Refco FX) with both live and demo trading. While the industry standards for the retail trader have improved due to a realization on the part of the broker that a happy customer is actually a good thing, there are a few brokers out there who just don't get it. CMS is one such broker. Their platform crashes on a regular basis and they refuse to admit it. Their trade execution during volatile periods is horrible. Their customer service people have become more polite, but no more effective than their rude predecessors.
Rating = 1/10 - November 8, 2005
CMS and GFT are the best for me, the two mentioned have an excellent platform, with charts, and the customer attention is good too.
Rating = 10/10 - November 3, 2005
CMS has the best free charting system I've seen so far.
Rating = 8/10 - May 13, 2005
It is not possible to be worse than them in customer service.
Rating = 1/10 - May 4, 2005

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2005/06 CMS Forex Ratings
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2004/05 CMS Reviews

May 1, 2004 - Apr 30, 2005

Amazing trading software and also completely free!
Rating = 10/10 - Feb 19, 2005
By far the best trading platform.
Rating = 10/10 - Feb 12, 2005

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2004/05 CMS Forex Ratings
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