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ActivTrades Reviews

2011/12 ActivTrades Reviews

May 1, 2011 - Apr 30, 2012

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I have been with ActivTrades for about 9 months. It took a while to discover that they are playing the game of being an honest and reliable broker, while in fact they're white board criminals.

The reason is that at a certain point I entered a (live) trade and made a nice profit. Several hours after I closed the order, the order (and profit) suddenly disappeared from my MT4.

I contacted them and they had to investigate the issue. The answer was that they had given me a wrong quote.

I discussed the matter that it was their responsibility. They gave me a quote, I acted and entered an order and they accepted this order. A while later I closed the order and they accepted that too, and I collected the gain.

They did not inform me about anything, they just deleted the order without any notice, several hours after I closed the order.

The official result of the investigation was that a 'manifest error' occurred and that according to the contract we have, they were allowed to delete the order (in their words 'correct').

It's very simple: At the moment I opened the order, ActivTrades ACCEPTED the order. When I closed the order, ActivTrades ACCEPTED that too.

Just imagine when I go to a store and buy a bicycle. The seller and I agree on the price and I buy the bike. I get the bike and the seller gets the money. The trade is closed. After a couple of hours I suddenly discover that my bike is missing and that the seller took my bike away without telling me anything. After this discovery, I ask what's that all about and he tells me that his system made an error and the price was incorrect, so he had to get the bike back.

The biggest problem is that ActivTrades hides behind their system. They blame their system. It's the systems fault. Furthermore they hide behind the rules they have. They are very polite thieves.

It's a very sad story. They told me this can happen anytime with any broker.

So if this can happen anytime, I cannot longer trust this company because they don't communicate upfront and they do not prove that an error really was the issue.

I withdrew my money and closed the account. I will never do business with them anymore. With ActivTrades it's just IMPOSSIBLE to actually gain, because at any given time, they can delete your profitable trades without warning.

Be warned about this broker.


- Reviewed by MauriceW, December 21, 2011. Rating = 3/10

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2009/10 ActivTrades Reviews

May 1, 2009 - Apr 30, 2010

I have been trading with ActivTrades for around 4 months now. I must say that the execution is excellent. I trade their variable spreads account, the spreads are very tight also.
- Reviewed by Micky, July 14, 2009. Rating = 10/10

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2009/10 ActivTrades Ratings
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