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Accent Forex Reviews

2013/14 Accent Forex Reviews

May 1, 2013 - Apr 30, 2014

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Current Ratings

for trading futures I would recommend them, especially their stp accounts and low comissions and their web site- very informative, I found all about trading conditions, not long with them but everything right for me still
- Reviewed by Natali2801, Jan 22, 2014. Rating = 10/10
Working with accenforex more than a year. I'm profitable trader. Previously I have often changed companies. Now I stopped and I'm not going to change smthing. Best conditions, best service, and bonuses. The bonuses which I'm able to lose. In general I am very happy with this company, really broker of a new generation. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
- Reviewed by Evgen1969, Jan 1, 2014. Rating = 10/10
Other review: I found accentforex a really good. My pending orders are always activated by my price with any slippages. And when I trade on news they still give me a momental execution. Any transfers to/from my account take not more than a few hours and they have no fees on them. And bonuses, off course. Almost a year of trade with them -and still do not want to leave them
- Reviewed by Roman, November 12, 2013. Rating = 9/10
Brilliant work. There are no restrictions in time to open-close the orders. I could do my trade with scalping and close my short or long position at any time. I wish they haven't suggest a Neteller as for payments but anyway I have no problems with the bank wire. like their support, they told me all about their bonuses and how they work. In now times it’s a crime to seek for a better conditions than accentforex has
- Reviewed by Richard, November 12, 2013. Rating = 10/10
First of all I would definitely say that All these best and good comments about Accent Forex are made by Accent Forex Staffs and they are NOT TRUE.

ACCENT FOREX is a real THIEF and they stole my money by so many ways to Cheat and so many ******** Excuses...

DO NOT even think that you can withdraw your profit from ACCENT FOREX Just forget about it, Because You CAN NOT even withdraw your own money that you have Deposited to ACCENT FOREX.

Please Just read all this comment and you will know by yourself...

First of all ACCENT FOREX Is using the shutdown of Liberty Reserve as another new excuse to STEAL money from traders.

My Name is UBONRAT HUANGSRI, I am from Thailand. I would like to inform to all of you that Accent Forex is a pure SCAM and a real THIEF. They Stole my own Deposit Money by giving my some ******** Excuses about Liberty Reserve, which my Account does not concern with Liberty Reserve.

Actually they have many different ways to Steal money from clients and I will tell you now,

My first case with Accent Forex Began from 2011, when my husband Mr. Jack Raphael & I decided to trade with Accent Forex, and then we opened our first account under my Cousin's Name, and we deposited 2000 USD in her account, via Liberty Reserve, and they show their real face by first cheating , They charged me 2.99 USD for each deposit I made via Liberty Reserve, which LR never charges any fees for transferring funds, LR was charging maximum 2.99 USD Only when it receive the fund, But it never charged when it Transfer the fund... I knew this because I used LR for about 4-5 years and I also had accounts with another brokers and they never charge any fees when the client deposited via LR...

Then when I chatted with them and I ask them why They are charging this money... They just gave me some ******** answers that LR charges this money, NOT Accent Forex, Any way it was their first cheating, The second cheating is Their tons of RE-QUOTES and OFF- QUOTES and INVALID PRICES & also DISCONNECTION of their MT4 That we got and we were unable to close the trades and Finally we lost,

And the Third cheating of Accent Forex is it's bonus, They gave us a ******** bonus, BUT They cut our bonus when we were minus, while we did not reach the Margin calls, They took back their bonus without any notification and when I asked them why ? They gave me another ******** response that, it wasn't them, it was Central Bank that cut my bonus and took the bonus back... Finally we had lost all my money for all these reasons ( RE-QUOTES and OFF- QUOTES and INVALID PRICES & DISCONNECTION of their MT4 and also cutting their Bonus ) I still don't understand why Accent Forex offering bonuses when they plan to cut the bonus and cause the clients lose....

So, It was not enough for us to see that Accent Forex is not honest and they are cheating and we were thinking maybe it is our own fault and we cannot blame them, So after that we were stupid enough to open another 10 accounts with them under my cousins and Family Names ... and we Deposited again and again and they did the same ways to cheat and steal my money again... Until we have lost more than 10000 USD of my own money and we did not make any profit even 1 USD.

About my last case,

So, we have decided to gave them one more shot and we opened a last new account under my own name ( UBONRAT HUANGSRI ) and I have Deposited my last money of 3000 USD Via LR, then my husband lost almost 1/3 of my account, Because of their RE-QUOTES and OFF- QUOTES and INVALID PRICES & DISCONNECTION of their MT4,

And after that situation happened with LR and it was shut down and closed, then I did request a withdrawal via Webmoney, But they did not allow me to withdrawal my own deposit money 2,084 USD remain that I had in my account and they gave me some ******** Excuses about LR, & I knew that it is just an Excuse, Because I have 3 accounts in 3 other Brokers and they allow clients to choose another options for Deposit and Withdrawal and I did withdrawal my money from other 3 brokers via Webmoney without any problems or Excuses about LR,

So, after Accent Forex gave me this ******** Excuse, I did open a new account with Accent Forex and I transferred all my money 2084 USD from my old account to the new account and I did choose Webmoney option and I also Deposited 9 USD via Webmoney to prove my new account with the new payment option, So after that I did request a withdrawal via Webmoney from my new account and again they did not allow me to withdrawal my own Deposit money... Even though my new account does not concern with LR, I just wanted to withdraw my own Money that I have deposited to my account , BUT they don't even let me to withdrawal my own money... I also was agreed that Accent Forex take half of my money and let me to withdraw only half of my own deposit money... But these ******** want all my money... they don't even care that you are poor or what... They just want to steal it... Is it not funny that you Deposit and you lose almost 1/3 of your account and you cannot get the Remain of your own Deposit money back ???

Is it called STEALING or not ???

After that, I chatted with them and sent them so many E-mails but I never get any response except one ******** Excuse they sent me by E-mail That :


We checked your Withdraw Request and remind you that your last deposit was from WebMoney Payment System on 9$.
Unfortunately, now you can not withdraw all requested funds due to a situation with Liberty Rsrv.
We will keep you informed if the situation will changed.

Thank you

I then try to call them on Phone, But there was No answers, and I also find out that the Address and the phone number they mentioned on their site are just ******** and never Exist.

At last I would like to tell to everyone that Accent Forex is a Scam Broker, They are Thieves and they will Steal your money and You Can Not even get your own Deposit money Back from them. I have lost more than 10000 USD Because of their cheatings and also they Stole my own Deposit money of 3000 USD.

By the way, All these best and good comments here and on the other sites on the internet, Are All made by Accent Forex Staffs... and they are NOT TRUE.

- Reviewed by UBONRAT HUANGSRI, June 27, 2013. Rating = 1/10

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Current Accent Forex Ratings
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2012/13 Accent Forex Reviews

May 1, 2012 - Apr 30, 2013

I've been looking for broker with really tight spreads. It is for EURUSD during a day 1.2 and to 0.8 at night. And accenforex pleased me. This broker is good for scalping strategy too. I've earned with them good profit.
- Reviewed by Abel, October 27, 2012. Rating = 9/10
Accentforex realy cool company.
they has fast orders execution and best spreads. Especially it noticeable in STP accounts.
Great broker's quality gave me to increase 3K to 7K.
My own opinion that high profit possible to make only with high quality broker.
I make high profit with accentforex.
- Reviewed by Henrikfx, October 14, 2012. Rating = 10/10
Try them for few months and pretty glad with all their services. Quick support, sharp execution, really tight spreads - that's all i need.
- Reviewed by Sven.Braun, July 17, 2012. Rating = 10/10
I'm a news trader. It was not easy for me to find an honest and a trully reliable broker who doesn't cheat his clients on news. accentforex has during news limit and stop level 8 pips, while other brokers can have even 40 pips. No problems with money withdrawing- a very fast operation. It's very pleasant to trade with this broker.
- Reviewed by John, June 5, 2012. Rating = 10/10

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2012/13 Accent Forex Ratings
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2011/12 Accent Forex Reviews

May 1, 2011 - Apr 30, 2012

Today's withdraw my profits - really fast. Was worry about my money but now its ok. While all time - i have excellent execution and good assist from support service, i'm really glad. I gonna to redeposit my funds to accent again. If smth will wrong - i will share it here lol.
- Reviewed by Venusto, January 10, 2012. Rating = 10/10
I have never had any problems with AccentForex. Platform is good with basic free charts. I have been with them for about year now and it has been a good experience. Highly Recommended.
- Reviewed by B-King, August 9, 2011. Rating = 10/10
Low spread, Fast service, fast execution and good selection of symbols to trade makes AccentForex my choice of Forex Broker. They are not thieves or crooks. Withdrawal with no any problem, even faster then in FxPro. I loved this broker so much. I have been 10 month with accent, if i got any problem they solve it quickly. Thanks!
- Reviewed by Karsten, June 14, 2011. Rating = 10/10

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2011/12 Accent Forex Ratings
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2010/11 Accent Forex Reviews

May 1, 2010 - Apr 30, 2011

hmmm... i work with them for a 6 month. i've never see there any tricks. The greatest thing there that you can EAR with them. Haha! i've withdraw first thousand from there, and gonna work for a long time. i'm glad to use such platform! Have a high profit to all!
- Reviewed by Gabriel, February 25, 2011. Rating = 10/10
Scam, scam and again scam. All was OK when I traded with 10 USD. It was broker of my dream. When I started to trade from 150 USD and earn 30% of Depo in Day, they calculated their losses and here problem started. Instant re-quote at open and close order. Order opening 10 seconds and more, after it you will receive notification about re-quite and your robot (EA) have to read such notification and respond. Order close up to 1 minutes and more. Very greedy broker, they cannot give you to earn several backs per day. After my EA earn 30% of Depo in day EA was not able to open any additional order during week - re-quotes only. Positive review was written by them. Broker is scam as most other Russian brokers, as 99% of them.
- Reviewed by User666, February 15, 2011. Rating = 1/10
You have everything here in one place for trading forex. I used to trade with a few brokers at the same time but now I don't need too. This place takes credit cards, has metatrader and low spreads. I am very pleased with the results here.
- Reviewed by rich_fx, January 24, 2011. Rating = 10/10
Have Live accounts for a 6 month with Accent. Now i'd like to participate a new action with great prize of new LandRover Frelander. Hope to win
- Reviewed by BIGAlex, December 20, 2010. Rating = 10/10
I like this broker. Instant execution to all of my orders.
- Reviewed by Joshua West, November 25, 2010. Rating = 9/10
New broker on the market with MT4, excellent instant execution and fast fund/withdraw service. Very suitable trading conditions
- Reviewed by Andrew, October 27, 2010. Rating = 10/10

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2010/11 Accent Forex Ratings
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